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Hal york

Henry or Harry Yorke is an English vampire who first appears in Series 4. He is better known by the shortened version of his name "Hal". He is over 500 years old and is considered among vampires to be an Old One. Many other vampires - including some of the Old Ones - are very scared of him. However, in 1955 he met a werewolf called Leo and a ghost called Pearl who helped him to renounce blood. This caused him to be dismissed by Mr. Snow, as it was his carnal bloodlust that seemed to be the reason he rose so high in the vampire ranks and was feared so much in the first place. Read more...

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Syfy1x04 VampireMain1

Vampires are an undead, immortal supernatural species that drink blood to maintain their vitality. Their bodies are animated by their human souls, which are kept trapped in their corpses by the supernatural powers of vampire blood. Humans become vampires by an unknown process that involves a vampire's bite and a transfer of blood. It is possible it entails a human being drained or mostly drained by a vampire to near death and having blood being infused into the human through the mouth. After a length of time, usually after a few days, the new vampire awakens. It is heavily implied that if a human injests vampire blood when wounded or dying, they will turn in a vampire, which led to some vampires not being able to save people from dying without turning them into vampires. Read more...

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Being Human Syfy

Syfy Being Human PREMIERE Trailer

Syfy Being Human PREMIERE Trailer

Being Human BBC

Vamping it up - Being Human - BBC Three

Vamping it up - Being Human - BBC Three

Becoming Human

Becoming Human 2011

Becoming Human 2011

final episodes
Final UK Episode: The Last Broadcast
The last broadcast
Episode 5.06–In the final episode of Being Human, Hal, Tom and Alex do battle with the Devil in order to save the world, but at what price to their own humanity?
Final US Episode: There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3

Episode 4.13–In the final episode Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora fight against Ramona, but at great costs.

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John Mitchell
John Mitchell, or more commonly known as Mitchell was a Vampire of legend. Born July 29th, 1893, having called Ireland his home. Mitchell was formerly a solider that fought in the First World War. During this, he came across William Herrick and numerous other vampires. Read More...

Ghosts are post-living supernatural beings that are formed by the disembodied souls of once living humans. Read More...

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