My name is Campbell and I'm a blood addict. It has been nine days since my last drink. And boy, don't I know it. But I'm just hoping that with the support of this new group, I'll be able to make it ten days. Then 11, and keep going. Stay on the straight and narrow. Stay dry.
Campbell during the AA meeting.

Ivan tells Mitchell about an alcoholic, that he once knew. The alcoholic has been dry for years and has never missed a meeting. This is when Mitchell starts to think about an AA meeting for Vampires. A lot of vampires take part at it, such as Nanna, Campbell, Kyle, Vicky and Hoodie. Mitchell wants Ivan to join them. He tells Ivan that Ivan is a ledgend and one of the old ones. If he would go clean, then overnight, this programm would suddenly be legitimate. Ivan doesn't like the idea of the meeting. However Mitchell convinces him to join. After Ivan has joined a lot of more vampires take part at the meetings.

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