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"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You"
Series 1, Episode 13

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"You're The One That I Haunt"
"Turn This Mother Out"

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Being Human (Syfy)


Josh takes Aidan, who was terribly wounded by Bishop, to the basement room of the hospital for recovery. He eventually brings in Nora to help save Aidan, but refuses to tell her what happened. Aidan eventually stabilizes, but Nora tells Josh they cannot continue their relationship if he cannot bring himself to reveal his secrets. She decides, however, to keep the baby. Sally, who returned home at Aidan's request, finds that her door has disappeared and that she can now interact with physical objects. Celine returns and comforts Aidan, revealing to him what Bishop did to her years ago and asking him to take her life to restore his. reluctantly, Aidan drains Celine's blood which allows him to heal rapidly. Scenes of the past are interspersed throughout, showing how Aidan met Josh two years ago when Josh was working in a restaurant and was attacked by Marcus and another vampire. Aidan gets Josh his job as an orderly at the hospital. At the hospital, Josh is accosted by Bishop, who says he wants to fight Aidan at a factory. Sally and Josh decide to protect Aidan by telling Bishop that Aidan wants to fight at the hospital basement. They plan to lock Bishop in the basement with Josh, who by then will have turned into a werewolf and will be able to kill Bishop. Josh leaves Nora a good-bye note and heads for the basement to transform. Aidan figures out what Josh is doing and has Sally lock him in the room alone and tells Bishop the fight will indeed be at the factory. However, Nora has followed Josh and enters the room to find him at the mid point of his transformation. Josh manages to shove her out of the room and lock the door before fully turning, with Nora watching in horror and then falling to the ground in pain, the moon also affecting her pregnancy and causing her to have a miscarriage. The fully transformed Josh and Nora lock eyes underneath the doorway. Elsewhere, Aidan and Bishop brutally beat each other in the factory. Aidan ultimately beheads Bishop. Nora decides to remain with Josh despite knowing he is a werewolf. Josh tells her how he became infected by another werewolf who scratched him and killed his friend. As Josh leaves to check on his friends Nora pulls up her sleeve which shows three scratch marks. As Aidan, Sally, and Josh celebrate Bishop's demise, Aidan answers the door and is surprised to see Heggeman, who tells him that an unknown "She" wants to see him because Aidan is now the leader of Boston's vampires.