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"A Vampire, a Werewolf & a Ghost"
A Vampire, a Werewolf & a Ghost

Cast Annie SawyerLenora Crichlow

George SandsRussell Tovey
John MitchellAidan Turner

Episode chronology
"Mitchell's Temptation"

A Vampire, a Werewolf & a Ghost is a scene that was cut from the 17th scence of the first episode during the first series. It is an extra on the DVD of the first series.


Annie talks to George Sands and Mitchell. She makes tea, but being a werewolf George can smell that the milk had gone off. Mitchell eats a lot of pizza, as a blood subsitute. Annie tells him about her middle sister, who gained two stone when quitting smoking. Mitchell however says that the girls go mad over him. Annie keeps making tea and occupies all cups, since she can not drink the tea. Then Mitchell and George leave and go to work.