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"Adam's Family"
Series 3, Episode 2
Adam's Family

Broadcast date 30 January 2011
Written by Brian Dooley
Directed by Colin Teague
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Type 4"
Becoming Human (Adam's story)
Nina: "Like he said; he's not even passed the breast feeding stage yet."
Adam: "Well. If you're offering..."
Nina and George discuss Adam

Adam's Family is the second episode of Being Human's third series which was broadcast for the first time on 30 January 2011.


Most teenagers are reliant on their parents – for lifts, dinner and money – but teenage vampire Adam Jacobs is more reliant than most: he needs to drink his parents' blood to survive. With his mother having passed away a few years ago, and his father now seriously ill and frail in hospital, Adam is hungry. In an attempt to avoid a randy teenage vampire hunting for blood on the streets, werewolf couple Nina and George take him in temporarily – hoping that Mitchell might be able to help him.

An immature vampire is the last thing that Mitchell needs. The Old Ones have tracked him down through a local agent, and have made him an offer that would see him leave his past far behind. With the aftermath of the Box Tunnel 20 continuing to haunt him, it's tempting. But it would mean leaving Annie, and she has other plans for her new-found hero.

Appointing herself as Mitchell's guardian angel after he gallantly rescued her from purgatory, Annie has made it her mission to help him – and a new job is first on the list. Help from a ghost, however, could turn out to be more of a hindrance...

When Adam's father dies, it's the end of his reliable food supply. Determined to help him, George and Nina leave him in the care of vampire couple Richard and Emma, who have devised a way to feed without killing. Their plush country house, however, conceals a lifestyle that is less than savoury.


  • The title of this episode is an obvious reference to The Addams Family.
  • The online series Becoming Human follows the further adventures of Adam, who will return to Honolulu Heights in the series 4 episode Hold the Front Page.


Aside from Richard Wells' original score, this episode features the following songs:

  • Human, by the Human League, from the album Crash (1986) - playing quietly on the radio at Adam's parents' house in 1985. Anachronistic, as it wasn't released until the following year.
  • Peaches, by The Stranglers, from the album Rattus Norvegicus (1977) - plays on the soundtrack as Adam escapes from the hospital and prowls the streets of Barry, ending up in a games arcade
  • Aisha, by Death in Vegas (featuring Iggy Pop on vocals), from the album The Contino Sessions (2010) - playing at Richard and Emma's kinky vampire sex party

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