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"Addicted to Love"
Series 2, Episode 5
Addicted to Love

Broadcast date February 13, 2012
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"(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons"
"Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These"

Addicted to Love is the fifth episode of Season 2 of Being Human (Syfy).

Flashbacks continue of Aiden and Suren, revealing finally that Aiden's progeny, Henry, romantically betrayed Suren leading Suren to publicly drain his mistress in the ballroom as revenge and Mother having to order for everyone at the ball to be killed to keep their existence secret. As punishment Mother orders Suren be grounded for 100 years.

Henry had gone behind Aiden's back in his thirst of climbing the vampire society ladder by way of seducing Suren. Aiden tells Henry to vanish and never come back to Boston.

Mother becomes impatient with the progress of cleaning up the orphans. Aiden and Suren go out hunting. When they split up Aiden hears a sound and Henry appears from the shadows. Henry says he has been in hiding since Aiden banished him. Aiden is happy to see Henry has survived.

Josh asks Nora to meet Brynne and Connor. While discussing their vague experimental plans in the storage unit, Nora expresses her annoyance at what she considers a hopeless plan.

Nora's abusive ex suddenly arrives on the scene and a shocked Nora introduces an equally shocked Josh to him. Josh angrily confronts Nora later to ask why she was talking to him and she replies that she wanted never to feel afraid of him again.

Connor talks Josh into attacking Nora's ex, who happens to be conveniently working alone at a job site. They beat him but Nora shows up and yells at Josh to leave. Later Nora tells Josh she doesn't want to have a boyfriend who is an asshole.

Brynne catches Nora after her shift and talks her into admitting that she wants revenge and wants to be 'free'. That night Nora, Brynne and Connor attach Nora's ex and kill him. They wake naked and embracing in a field the following day, with Nora looking satisfied.

Janet arrives at the house and says she knows the place. A mortified Josh and Aiden quickly realise what has happened. Janet appears to not only know the house, saying she has seen it in her dreams, but puts her hand to the spot Sally died and has a vision of Sally falling. Josh quickly pushes her out of the house saying she must have the wrong number house. Sally runs after, saying she has to put it right. She thinks that perhaps she may have left a part of her in Janet. Josh argues against it but Aiden says no one can tell Sally what to do right now.

Sally visits Janet in her home and Janet is sitting on the floor feverishly sketching and ripping out pages from an artbook. Every picture is of the shadowy figure that Sally has been seeing. As she peers over Janet's shoulder she sees Janet has written REAPER.