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Aidan and Bishop
General Information
Intimacy Level friendship, enemies, maker and progeny
First Met 1779
Status Aidan killed Bishop
last mentioned It's a Shame About Ray

The relationship between the vampires Aidan Waite and James Bishop.


First Meeting[]

Aidan first met Bishop while he was out in search of food for his men. When walking amongst the dead he finds Bishop feeding from someone, Bishop shows his vampiric vistage and vanishes. Aidan follows Bishop and ends up fighting him. After being defeated he begs Bishop to spare him, Bishop decides to turn Aidan instead.


In 1955 in the Boston area, Bishop falls in love with a human, Jane. Aidan mocks Bishop about his relationship and threaten to leave Bishop if he does not break it off. When the Dutch arrive they kill Bishop's maker Carlo for Bishop's heresy. They threaten Bishop and orders him to kill her.


Over 20 years after Jane's death, Aidan left Bishop and lived with his human lover Celine. Bishop finds Aidan and tells him to come back and Celine. Aidan refuses and while he's gone, Bishop rapes and feeds off of her and then he tells her to leave Aidan.