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Josh and Aidan
General Information
Intimacy Level Best friends, like brothers
First Met 2009
Status Aidan is in the afterlife with Sally, while Josh is living a full life with Nora and their children.
last mentioned There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3

The close friendship between the 260 year old vampire Aidan and reluctant werewolf Josh is one of the most important things in their lives. Despite their wide range of differences, the two are bests friends and support each other in coping with being supernatural creatures. When one of them needs the other they always help each other, even when dealing with their own issues. They first met when Aidan saved Josh from being beaten from vampires and even helped Josh get a job at the hospital, with the plan to have Josh help him control his bloodlust. Over time the two developed a strong bond of trust that surprises, confuses and at times disgusts nearly every other vampire and werewolf, as the two species have never gotten along.

Their relationship is built on the fact that both need the other and desire the other to be happy. From Aidan's point of view, Josh serves as his anchor to humanity while being the only person who truly believes Aidan is a good person despite what he has done. From Josh's point of view, Aidan saved his life and helped him find a sightly better life, while constantly pushing him to better himself. Nearly every form of happiness the two achieve was only possible due to their friendship, and is what made the group form. For instance, Josh would never have tolerated Sally without Aidan while Nora would never have learned to accept Aidan without Josh showing the vampire's good nature.

While the two have had falling outs from time to time, mainly due to Aidan's actions while involved with vampires and the secrets he keeps, the two have always forgiven each other. This is shown by their biggest argument, when the two showed opposing views on Kenny, Mark's werewolf pack, vampires in general and each other's decisions over the last few years. However, Aidan quickly lied to Kenny to protect Josh after the werewolf had accidently killed Kenny's girlfriend and both forgave each other for what they had said.


  • Josh had a routine of giving his Star of David necklace to Aidan before he turned each full moon
  • Josh gives Aidan a silver knife when they first move in together so that Aidan could kill him if he had to
  • Aidan will eat Josh’s cooking, even when he doesn’t need to try and appear human for anyone
  • Danny thought that Aidan and Josh were a couple when they first moved in (as did a few other characters) neither of the boys correct him
  • Aidan unknowingly sleeps with and casually dates Josh’s ex-fiancé, Julia before realizing it is Josh’s ex. Aidan quickly and harshly breaks it off as soon as he finds out  
  • A starving Aidan drinks from Josh (with Josh’s consent) while he is a werewolf, which gives Aidan an immunity to the virus and saves his life
  • Josh spent many months interrogating vampires in an attempt to find Aidan, an act made especially risky considering Josh was a human at the time
  • When Aidan went missing for many months, Josh kept the fridge stocked with blood just in case he came back, even changing the blood out regularly to ensure it was fresh
  • While Josh is a human, he tells Aidan he can drink from him if he wants, even though they have access to blood bags
  • Aidan has met Josh’s parents and Josh has met Aidan’s wife from his human life (Sally also meets her but Aidan never tells Sally it’s his wife)
  • Josh and Nora name their son after Aidan