Aidan and Nora are good friends who, after a long period of mistrust, support each other. Unlike with Josh and Sally, who quickly became his friends despite knowing of his past, Nora was wary of Aidan. While she could live with him as long as his true nature was't brought up, she remained judgmental of his past and actions even when she herself done the same kind of things. Their relationship especially worsened after she embraced her werewolf nature and much later because of The Virus, Erin and Kat. However, they became friends after Aidan refused to tell Liam that Nora killed his daughter, and Nora allowed him to have a relationship with Kat. After the two worked together to keep Josh and everyone else safe while he was trapped in his werewolf form, they had much more trust in eachother and Nora was much more willing to give second chances, as shown by her interactions with Kenny Fisher. She also became more aware of the fact that werewolves can be just as bad as vampires and vampires are redeemable due to her experiences with Aidan and other werewolves, leading to her preferring that the young werewolf Astrid leaves with Kenny that stay with a violent werewolf pack.

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