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Aidan and Sally
General Information
Intimacy Level Friendship, later in a relationship
In a relationship, lovers (Alternate Timeline)
First Met 2011
Started Dating 2012 (Alternate Timeline)
Status Together in the afterlife
last mentioned Pack It Up, Pack It In

Aidan and Sally are best friends. They support each other in being supernatural creatures. Throughout the series, their friendship has grown stronger due to them always being there for one another. They have always been able to talk to each other about anything as they both don't want to worry Josh as he always putting them first before anything. They usually behave in a somewhat flirty manner to each other and it is sometimes believed that there may be some hidden deeper feelings between the two.


In the Alternate Timeline, Aidan and Sally fall in love with each other but due to everything changing, she ends their relationship. After several months, Sally goes to Aidan and wants to help him but dies in the process. Three months later, Sally ends up having to go back to the Original Timeline but promises Aidan that she will make him remember their love for each other.

Back to the way things were, Sally tells Nora of her relationship with Aidan.Sally and Aidan do get together at the end of the series