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"Totally uncalled for!"
―Alan's final words

 Alan was a member of the Department of Domestic Defence, who became a Vampire.


Series 5[]

Alan was a member of the Department of Domestic Defence. He liked his job and believed that the work he and the department do serves the greater good. He worked directly under Dominic Rook, who, in an attempt to save his department, tried to turn Crumb into the deadly predator he wished to be. Alan assisted Rook in this endeavour, even going so far as to starve Crumb so that he would be unable to control himself around his sister, however, when Crumb’s sister brought her daughter with her, Alan believed that the plan should be called off. Despite Alan’s insistence, Rook decided to go through with the plan; forcing the unfed and newly created Vampire Crumb kill his sister and niece. This caused Alan to feel intense guilt, which he struggled to cope with.

After Crumb escaped, and was rejected by Hal, Alan visited him at the beach. After a discussion of common interests, Alan asked Crumb to turn him into a Vampire; as Alan believed working for the Department of Domestic Defence had caused him to lose most of his humanity. Crumb accepts Alans request; turning to him with his fangs bared.

After a number of people go missing through what is believed to be Vampire-related circumstances, Rook contacts Hal and asks him to take care of the issue. As Hal and Alex visit the location of the “disappearances”, Alan is found with Crumb, feeding on their victims. Despite being sent to kill them, Hal offers to help Alan and Crumb overcome their bloodlust, if they wish; an offer which Crumb accepted.

Hal and Alex take Alan and Crumb back to their home, locking them in the basement and strapping them to chairs whilst they “detox”. Whilst detoxing in the chair, Crumb experiences hallucinations about Hazel; the girl he killed the night before. As Alan was able to free himself from the chair, he aids Crumb in escaping. Once Crumb was freed, he staked Alan through the heart with the leg from a wooden chair; believing that he is the ghost of Hazel. 


Like Crumb’s Human persona, Alan was very much a socially awkward man, he was also someone with a strong sense of duty; for a long time, he believed that the actions of his department were in service to the greater. This belief was challenged after his involvement in the death of Crumb’s sister and niece; Alan’s guilt led him to believe that his work with the Department of Domestic Defence had caused him to lose most of his humanity, and because of this he wished to become a Vampire. As a Vampire, Alan enjoyed the power and thrill of killing, he showed no remorse for the people he had murdered.

Traits and Abilities[]

Alan possessed all of the standard traits and abilities of a newly turned Vampire; including immortality, enhanced strength and senses, invulnerability to conventional causes of fatality, awareness of the supernatural and a sped up recovery rate. Alan also possessed retractable fangs and the ability to ingest and digest blood.

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