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Alan Cortez
Gender Male
Age 47
Species Psychic
Status Alive
Date of birth Unkown
Birthplace Unkown
Occupation Stage performer
Affiliation Annie
Television Portrayal
First appearance
Appearances In The Morning
Portrayed by Simon Paisley-Day

Alan Cortez is a stage performer and psychic that Annie befriended and helped to recover his confidence and damaged ability.


Early Life[]

Little is known of Alan's early life but he revealed to Annie that his ability to hear ghosts manifested itself at puberty. Due to the misconceptions and lack of belief in the supernatural and psychics, Alan was seen as mentally unwell, and suffered as his manifesting ability wrecked much of his youth.

Performer and Accident[]

Unlike the psychics used by Jaggat, Alan was eventually able to master and control his ability, although it took him many years to achieve. He then became a stage performer using his powers to help ghosts, though most humans thought he was just a good actor or fake. His shows were specially popular with ghosts, and many would flock to his shows to give messages to their loved ones through Alan.

Alan told Annie it took him long to master his ability because he resented and fought against it. When he stopped fighting and embraced it he was able to control it and could tune the voices in and out as he pleased.

Unfortunately, this new found peace was short lived when, during one of his shows, he had an accident where he fell off stage after a student on work experience overused the smoke machine for the show. The result was that Alan fell of stage injuring his head and crippling his ability in the process; he could no longer hear ghosts.

However, despite this new weakness, Cortez was able to communicate with Annie due to her strong presence, Annie subsequently agreeing to act as a 'bridge' for him and other ghosts, passing their messages on to him. After Cortez helped Annie say goodbye to her mother, he moved on to another city, accompanied by another ghost as his contact with Annie had helped to strengthen his ability to some degree of its former self.