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Alex and Lady Mary
General Information
Intimacy Level acquaintanceship
First Met 2013
last mentioned Pie and Prejudice

Alex gets to know Lady Mary as Hal visits her. She makes friends with her and realises that Lady Mary shows a totally different behaviour towards Hal than to Alex herself. To Hal Lady Mary pretends to be the person she was in 1760. She shows the manners that were suitable for that time for a women. With Alex however she goes out, laughs, touches other people to feel through them and provokes an argument between them. As Lady Mary believes that she was Hals last victim, Alex tries to convince him to tell Lady Mary the truth. When Lady Mary realises that Hal has lied to her over decades, Alex stops her as she wants to kill Hall. They both say goodbye to each other and went seperate way. Before that Lady Mary warns Alex that Hal might do the same to Alex as he has done with her.("Pie and Prejudice")