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Amy McBride
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Werewolf (Type 3)
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Craig Ford

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All God's Children


Sara Lloyd-Gregory


Amy McBride was a werewolf. She was the lover of Lee Tully. She was killed in the pressure tank at CenSSA and buiried in the grounds of The Facility . Later she showed herself to Lucy Jaggat and Lloyd Pinkie. This is her only appearance in the show, however in the origional pre-credits script for series 2 episode 7, more information is revealed.


"A young girl, pale and awkward. Fierce proud eyes." When she haunts Lucy Jaggat she is shown with long blonde hair and covered in blood from "the process"


Amy was from the same place as Craig Ford, and "caught" lycanthropy from him. When her family found out they locked her in the cellar. Between the time of episodes 2 and 3 in series 1 she found Lee Tully and they both searched out CenSSa. Amy was aware of Craig's death but furvently believed that CenSSa had now "got their numbers right" and she would be cured.


She was on first name terms with Craig Ford.

She had a family who locked her up after she was infected. She also mentions a cousin who once went to France.

Kemp described her as Tully's "lover" and before going through the process she believed would cure her she expressed worry that he would no longer like her when she was normal. Tully proposed that when they were both human they should start a family and a life together.

Amy McBride

Amy would look like this without the blood. (Amy actress: Sara Lloyd-Gregory)