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Native range
  • Worldwide
  • often used as pets in the series

Animals rarely appear in the BBC series. For vampires animals are uninteresting. They need human blood. Werewolves hunt animals during a fullmoon night. After such a night they often wake up next to a dead a animal, which they have killed in their werewolf form. Animals often don't react differently towards humans, werewolves in human form or vampires. However when Mitchell, Annie and George walk through Bristol together, cats, pigeons, dogs, fishes, births, horses and a fox are frightened. (Trailer 1) It's unknown whether animals can sense the presence of ghosts or not.

Most of the animals that are seen or mentioned in the series are pets (mainly dogs) or animals that have been killed by a werewolf.

Known animals:


George wakes up after a fullmoon night next to a dead deer.