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Annie (Pilot)
Annie (Pilot)
Gender Female
Age 22
Species Ghost
Death 2007
Television Portrayal
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Andrea Riseborough

"Seems like with George and Mitchell I have been feeling like... Before them I was all alone, like drowning. But now just being recognised by someone, being liked and known. Looks like that's what makes you real."
―to Julia Beckett


Annie is portrayed by Andrea Riseborough in the pilot. She still lives in the house were she died. She can't remember why she died or why she is still on earth and hasn't passed on. After she had died nobody could see her and since she still wanted to have some time alone in the house she scared all of the new renter off, by moving their things etc. When George and Mitchell rent the house she tries the same. But George and Mitchell find her and can see her which she could not believe at first. It made her so happy that she is finally seen by someone and has someone to talk to. Exspecially Mitchell is a good talk partner for her. She tells him about her ex-fiancee and even about the death. Annie has never left the house. She is too afraid of it. Then one night George and his girlfriend Julia Beckett got locked up in the celler. It is full moon and George is going to turn into a werewolf. Since Mitchell isn't around Annie finally manages to get out of the house and saves Julia. Now she is not only seen by supernatural creatures but also humans like Julia. Annie thinks it is because Mitchell and George saw her, and this makes her real. She proves herself a good listener to Julia who is shocked of what she saw.

In the pilot, Annie could change clothes. Inside the house she wears a rosa t-shirt outside the house a grey pullover.