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"Annie Broadcast 5 - What Happens Here"
Annie Broadcast 5 - What Happens Here

Broadcast date 11 December 2010
Cast Annie SawyerLenora Crichlow
Episode chronology
"Annie Broadcast 4 - Carving Sound"
"Annie Broadcast 6 - New Arrivals "

Annie Broadcast 5 - What Happens Here is an Annie Broadcast that was first published before the beginning of series 3.


Annie sends her second message from hell. She explains what is happening there. She tells that they give the individuals in hell numbers. When their number is called they have to move to a different room and wait there, but sometimes one of the individuals disappears. There are also forms that have to be filled in about the good and bad deeds. Annie doesn't know why she is in the room and what she is waiting for.