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"Annie Broadcast 7 - Remembering"
Annie Broadcast 7 - Remembering

Broadcast date 13 December 2010
Cast Annie SawyerLenora Crichlow
Episode chronology
"Annie Broadcast 6 - New Arrivals"
"Annie Broadcast 8 - The People"

Annie Broadcast 7 - Remembering is an Annie Broadcast that was first published before the beginning of series 3.


Annie sends her second message from hell. She tries to remember who she is. She mentions that her father is called Max and her mother is called Carmen. She also says that she doesn't trust cats. Furthermore she mentions, that she had a crush on her English teacher, that she was engaged to Owen, that her best friends ever are Mitchell and George. Then she starts mixing up things and believes that Mitchell and George are her brothers, that she has a crush on Mitchell...