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Annie Sawyer
Annie Sawyer
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2007 (aged 22)

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Cause of Death

Fell/pushed down stairs

Passed over

2010 (returned later that year)


Casper the friendly ghost

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Blue (when angered)

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  • Pub worker (formerly)
  • Design Student (formerly)
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First appearancePilot
Last appearanceThe War Child
ActorLenora Crichlow
"Give me back my fucking baby!"
―To the Old Ones

Anna Clare "Annie" Sawyer is haunting the house she lived in with her fiancé whilst she was alive. After a long period of being alone, she is joined by George Sands (a werewolf) and John Mitchell (a vampire), who are able to see her because of their own supernatural conditions. The extent of Annie's visibility to humans varies depending on her mood and her confidence. She always appears in the clothes she was wearing when she died, which change subtly depending on her state of mind. Annie's life as a ghost has involved her coming to terms with her own death, avoiding death's door and being trapped in purgatory, in addition to several doomed attempts at romance. After losing Mitchel, the love of her life, and friends George and Nina, Annie becomes a mother figure to Eve (George and Nina's daughter) and new werewolf and vampire housemates, Tom and Hal. Annie later crosses over to be reunited with her old friends, having made a difficult decision which averted a dark future for mankind, saving the world from the Old Ones.


Early Life[]

Annie EL 01
Annie dies soon after being pushed down the stairs. ("Flotsam and Jetsam")

Annie was at university in Brighton (Annie's Life Story) where she met the supposed love of her life, Owen Norayan. The two of them formed a relationship and bought a house together. (Ghost Town) One night, Owen found a thong in Annie's underwear drawer that he had never seen before. Being paranoid, he thought that it was a byproduct of an affair she was having with a guy at her work, despite Annie protesting to this and sincerely denying it. Owen refused to accept her denial and calls her a bitch before throwing her down the stairs. Annie's head is smashed on a tile and blood begins to spread from her head. She dies. ("Ghost Town") Despite her "death", Annie returned as a ghost, apparently not having completed her unfinished business. Owen moves out of their house, but she stays there, annoyed at all of the new residents that it receives over the years. Soon enough, it is rented out to John Mitchell (a vampire) and George Sands (a werewolf). Annie is shocked to find two people that can actually see her and the three of them bond and form a relationship as a supernatural trinity. Annie eventually builds enough confidence to be able to be seen by other people, despite desperately missing Owen, for she is completely unaware that he killed her, thinking that she merely fell down the stairs and cracked her head open. ("Flotsam and Jetsam")

Series 1[]

Annie 101
Owen looks straight through Annie. ("Flotsam and Jetsam")

Annie is shown living with Mitchell and George and is extremely happy that other people, besides these two, can see her. The latter is annoyed that she keeps making cups of tea that she cannot drink, but Annie tells him that it's part of her old routine and feels normal. It is announced that Owen, Annie's former fiancé, is coming over as he owns the house, and Annie is told by her housemates to hide upstairs. She does so and is horrified to see that Owen arrives with his new girlfriend and Annie's old rival: Janey Harris. Annie's annoyed once they leave, not having had a chance to meet Owen and reconnect with him. The ghost steals George's mobile and later texts Owen, telling him to come over. When he arrives, Annie is angered to find that he has Janey with him and hides in worry, he soon enters the living room where she is, however, when he looks at where she is standing, he cannot see her. Annie is shocked to discover that she can no longer be seen by normal people due to Owen's arrival shattering her confidence. Owen soon leaves as George arrives home, mad at Annie for taking his phone, but she is distraught, annoyed at Janey for being the one who gets to be with Owen whereas she is stuck in the clothes that she died in, George comforts his friend before revealing how he became to be a werewolf. Later, after Lauren, a girl who Mitchell turned into a vampire, killed Becca, a St. Jude's Hospital employee, Mitchell blames himself for not saving her. Annie, who realizes he could have turned her into a vampire, asks George if he thinks Mitchell should have "saved her", but George tells Annie that he thinks he did. ("Flotsam and Jetsam")

Annie 102
Tully tries to sexually assault Annie. ("Tully")

George returns home with a new arrival - Lee Tully; another werewolf. Annie takes quite a shine to Tully who seems to charm her, and she allows him to move in with them, despite George's wishes. Mitchell and Annie initially like Tully, at first, but as Mitchell grows to become more and more annoyed by him, George begins to gain greater admiration for him. Annie makes breakfast for Tully as she used to do for Owen, saying that it makes her feel more normal, she watches him eat, saying that it is, again, what she used to do with her fiancé. When Tully arrives home one day, he begins to hit on Annie, who becomes uncomfortable. He approaches her violently, in an attempt to sexually assault her, and Annie disappears in fear. She hides outside until Mitchell arrives home, and calls out for him. At hearing what Tully has done, Mitchell demand George ask him to leave, but George refuses this, now seeing Tully as his role model and reminding them that they wanted him there in the first place. Later that night, George disowns Tully after learning that he's the one who made him into a werewolf, and returns home to Mitchell and Annie, the former of which has received a DVD from Lauren which he plays in front of the other two. It shows a man having sex with himself (with Lauren, who, as a vampire, doesn't show up on film) who gets seemingly killed by nothing, Annie is disgusted by this. ("Tully")

Annie 103
Annie sees Owen kill her. ("Ghost Town")

Annie appears lonely to George and Mitchell who decide to introduce her to another ghost to date and so they go to a night club and find Gilbert - a man who died back in the 80s. Gilbert takes Annie to her own gravestone in order to allow her to confront her death and subsequently explore why she has remained on Earth. Annie takes this on and when doing so, she finds Owen in her bathroom, unclogging the toilet, and finding the thong that he hid there. She is shocked by this and flashes back to the fight and and Owen had on the night of her death, how he found the thong and thought she was cheating on him with a guy at work. Despite Annie's many protests to this, Owen pushes her down the stairs, killing her, leading to Annie's realisation that she was murdered by the man she loves. She goes to Gilbert for consolation who decides that she needs to be cheered up through "Gilbert fun", however, Annie does not take such a shine to 80s people cliches as he does. Besides this, Annie and Gilbert continue to bond and Gilbert ends up falling in love with Annie, in doing this, Gilbert completes his unfinished business and sees his door, he then passes over to the other side, saying goodbye to Annie. George later arrives home, telling Mitchell and Owen that he had sex with Nina, his crush from work, but then hears from Mitchell that Annie was killed by Owen. George is upset that he cannot be the one to have the big news for once, but Annie is consoled by her friends. ("Ghost Town")

Annie 104
"Everything that Owen and I ever had... that old life... can go to ash." ("Another Fine Mess")

Annie is distraught over having to coming to terms with the fact that she was murdered by the man she loved. Due to this, she becomes a "poltergeist" and things around her start moving without her touching them. Annie becomes deeply depressed and begins talking in pessimistic phrases, which is not aided when Mitchell is accused of being a paedophile after accidentally giving Bernie, a neighbourhood child, the sex DVD that Lauren gave him, thinking that it was a Laurel and Hardy DVD. Owen comes over, Janey Harris in tow, to tell the guys that they have to move out as he can't be renting to accused paedophiles, even if he doesn't believe that this accusation is true. He reveals that he plans to move back in with Janey, angering Annie further. The ghost later takes every item that she saved in her relationship with Owen and burns it on the garden barbecue, thus letting go of him and everything she had with him. When Bernie is hit by a car, Annie walks outside to see the cause of the neighbourhood ruckus, and is surprised to discover that she can now be seen by others once again. ("Another Fine Mess")

Annie 105
Annie tells Owen what's what. ("Where The Wild Things Are")

Annie decides that her unfinished business is to haunt Owen and so she begins jotting down some things that she plans on saying to him ("I am darkness... I am death!" etc), with some help from George. Owen later comes around, responding to a call from the guys, and he is met by a dark house containing nothing but an angered Annie. She approaches him, saying the lines that she planned and seeming to scare him, thinking she is successful before returning t the stairs. Owen crawls over to her and asks her if that's the best she's got, shocking Annie, Owen insults her before leaving. Annie decides that she has to warn Janey of Owen's murderous ways and so goes to her and Owen's home where Janey is shocked and scared to see her, believing her to be dead. She runs upstairs in fear of Annie, thinking that she is hallucinating or something, despite Annie's multiple warnings that Owen is a dangerous man. Soon, Owen himself returns home and Janey goes running to him, telling him what happened. He sees Annie but assures Janey that it's just stress, hugging her whilst turning to the ghost, basically calling her nothing. George later finds Annie crying on the sofa, having given up, but he convinces her that if she's done that, then she's truly dead, convincing her to go and save Mitchell from the other vampires. She does so, and later, Owen returns to Annie's House where she is waiting for him with Mitchell and George in tow, she reveals that Mitchell is a vampire and that George is a werewolf, before whispering the "secret of the dead" into her fiancé's ear. This then causes him to go insane and check himself into an asylum. After this happens, a door appears to Annie, however, once she says her goodbyes, Herrick barges in and stakes Mitchell. At this, Annie ignores death's door and accompanies her friend to the hospital. ("Where The Wild Things Are")

Annie 106
Annie frees the vampire munchies. ("Bad Moon Rising")

Mitchell is taken to hospital after his staking by Herrick and treated by the doctors, who see him as somewhat of a phenomenon. Annie accompanies George here, who worries about the fact that she ignored her door, saying that she may not get another chance again. Annie does not care, but soon panics over this matter and "rent-a-ghosts" home. When she's there, she is met by another ghost who was killed in the vampires' feeding banks, where they keep various humans locked up, never killing them, for the purpose of drawing blood. So enraged and disgusted by this, Annie barges into the vampires base, a vampire tries to stop her, but she pushes him away with a mere wave of her hand, proceeding to go downstairs and free all of the people locked up by the vampires. Meanwhile, Mitchell recovers and stages a meeting with Herrick, but George has other plans and leads Herrick down into a lockable room in the hospital. Annie and Mitchell quickly make their ways there but are intercepted by Nina, who wants to know what's going on with George. She follows Annie and Mitchell to the room, not knowing who Annie is, and finds George on the verge of a transformation, He pushes Nina back and tells them to lock the door, they do so and George becomes his wolf self, before tearing Herrick literally limb from limb. It appears Annie does not get another chance to pass through her door and onto purgatory. ("Bad Moon Rising")

Series 2[]

Annie 201
Annie on her first day of work. ("Cure and Contagion")

Annie must comfort Nina, who is worried that she may be a werewolf as when George pushed her back, he scratched her. Annie promises to go with Nina to the room that George transformed in to kill Herrick and stays with her all night, it is confirmed that Nina is in fact a wolf. The ghost decides that now she can be seen, she would like to become more involved with the real world and wants to get a job. Mitchell and George wonder what a ghost would be good at doing and Annie reveals that she used to work as a bartender. She goes down to the local pub, New Found Out, and has an interview with Hugh, who gives her the job. Annie begins to work as a bartender but the customers appear scarce. Soon enough, someone enters the pub, a charming man named Saul, who Annie takes a liking to. When Saul realizes he's left his mobile phone with a colleague, Annie takes him back to her house to make his call. Soon Annie ends up providing drinks to the entire neighbourhood when men come round to inspect the "gas leak". Mitchell comments that they've finally "done it", meaning that they've become normal humans. ("Cure and Contagion")

Annie 202
Saul tries to drag Annie through his door. ("Serve God, Love Me and Mend")

Annie continues to date Saul, much to Hugh's annoyance. George points out to Annie that Hugh fancies her, however, Annie protests that he's more like her brother to her, George assures her that the only person who would like to hear that is her actual brother. Meanwhile, Saul is being tormented by various radios and televisions which are corrupted by those from purgatory, who want Annie on the other side and decide to use Saul to achieve this. Annie goes back to Saul's place after a date with him where he tries to assault her sexually (as the television tells him to do), scared, Annie "rent-a-ghosts" away. She arrives at the house where Mitchell and George are concerned that someone saw her disappear, and Annie figures that she better go back and check on him. Saul, however, is being convinced to drink and drive, and Annie next visits him at the hospital where he resides after a crash. Annie arrives at his bedside, but he soon dies, becoming a ghost. Saul's door appears and he attempts to grab Annie and drag her through it, again at the behest of the voices on the radio. This struggle continues for a while with George outside the room trying to get in through the apparently locked door. Eventually, Saul fights the voices telling him to do things and forces the door shut with him inside, and Annie outside, saving her. Later, after this frightening experience, Annie returns to Hugh at the pub, however, she is devastated to learn that she can, once again, no longer be seen by humans. ("Serve God, Love Me and Mend")

Annie 203
George tells Hugh of Annie's leaving. ("Long Live The King")

Annie comforts George after his breakup with Nina and asks for his help in return - an explanation to Hugh as to why she has gone. George explains to Hugh that Annie moved away the previous night, saddening the bartender who says that all of his relationships end badly, such as that of his last girlfriend, Kirsty. At this, Annie decides that she must use George to convince Kirsty to take Hugh back, after discovering how lonely she is and feeling sorry for her. She makes George go out on a date with her where he is to act like the worst boyfriend in the world, however, all of the things George does to make her hate him, she loves. Annie is confused at this but eventually, they manage to reunite Kirsty and Hugh, making the two of them realize how much they miss each other, and they give it another go. Annie seems happy at having done this, but it has merely reminded George of the loss he has suffered, and Annie comforts him. ("Long Live The King")

Annie 204
Annie is faced with her death. ("Educating Creature")

When Annie walks past the scene of a murder, the ghost of the victim attempts to drag her through his door, however, she is rescued by Sykes, an enigmatic ghost airman from WWII. Annie asks him to teach her how to avoid further attacks from any ghosts and he offers to help her tame her abilities. He starts with simple things, such as turning off the TV with telekinesis, and moves on to more difficult things. The final stage of Sykes' training involves Annie coming to grips with how she died, and for this to happen, Annie sees herself fall down the stairs again. As her dead body lies there, it begins to talk to her, and she realizes that it's one of the men with sticks and rope. She tells it that it may have her face, but it's merely a magician who is coming to the end of its act. Annie uses this confidence to vanquish the ghost disguised as her and her body disappears. Annie is proud to have overcome this and Sykes tells her that it is now her choice as to when she crosses over, but Annie wonders why she ever would want to. Sykes tells her that eventually she'll start seeing loved ones age and die with herself having no life; she asks him why he hasn't yet crossed over and he reveals that his mistake led to many people's death in the war and he's scared that they have not yet forgiven him. ("Educating Creature")

Annie 205
Annie embraces motherhood. ("The Looking Glass")

A ghost named Kathleen stops by with her baby, who's also a ghost, in order to see Annie, who she says is famous for resisting death's door so many times. She says that she's going on a date with a ghost fireman before leaving her baby with Annie without the latter having any say in the matter. Annie seems to have no idea what to do with the child and George and Mitchell become confused as to why it is there, but Annie eventually overcomes this and begins to bond with him, naming him herself as she never found it out from Kathleen. Eventually, Kathleen returns to Annie and asks for her baby back, with a reluctant Annie handing him over. She begins to name a list of things he likes, but Kathleen tells Annie that, being his mother, she already knows these things, adding that she knows she's a crap mum, but she's the only one he's got. Annie is saddened to see the baby leave. ("The Looking Glass")

Annie 206
Annie presents her mother with a paper rose, thus proving her presence. ("In The Morning")

Annie goes to a showcase of a psychic, Alan Cortez, who seems to have lost his "sixth sense" and not be talking to ghosts anymore. Annie yells abuse at the stage, figuring that no one else can hear her, however, she is halted by someone who seems to work at the theatre, surprised that she can see her. It is revealed that she is a ghost, as are other people who Alan has stopped communicating with, and Annie wonders why. She discovers that Alan can hear her, but not see her, or hear anyone else. Through this bond, Annie talks Alan through his show, giving him information on a ghost she's interviewing, thus allowing him to pass over. The next person to stand up in the audience seeks Alan's help to talk to Annie - Carmen Sawyer, Annie's mother. Carmen, Annie and Alan go to a room behind the stage where Annie proves her presence by making a rose out of paper, handing it to her mother as she apparently used to make thousands when she was young, until she perfected them. Annie and Carmen make amends and Alan regains his ability to talk to the ghosts of the theatre, and begins to help them as he used to. ("In The Morning")

Annie 207
Kemp begins to help Annie cross over. ("Damage")

Nina returns to tell George of a program that wants to help cure werewolves of their affliction, but George sees this as hokum and refuses to go with her, despite that scientific viewpoint of the religious runner, Patrick Kemp. Before Kemp leaves, Annie writes him a message asking him if he can help her pass over to purgatory. Kemp says that he can and returns the next day with Hennessey, a psychic, in tow. Annie uses Hennessey to communicate to Kemp who offers to take her to his facility. Annie spends a while contemplates this and soon finds an abnormal Mitchell arrive home, who has been back on the blood. Noticing this change in their friend, Annie and George leave to go to the CenSSA facility, run by Kemp. Annie does not tell George that she is there to pass over, but seems like she is going in order to support him through being cured of his werewolfism. Annie and George arrive and are surprised to discover that the co-runner of the facility is none other that Lucy Jaggat, otherwise known as Mitchell's girlfriend. ("Damage")

Annie 208
Annie is forced through death's door. ("All God's Children")

Annie, George and Nina continue to stay at the CenSSA facility and Hennessey realizes through her dialogue with George that Annie has not yet told her friends that she is there in order to pass over. Kemp later begins the process of allowing Annie to pass over via prayer, however, Annie tells Hennessey that she's changed her mind and that she does not want to enter purgatory before saying goodbye to her friends. Hennessey tries to alert Kemp of this but the old man does not care, he instead stabs Hennessey and order to create one of death's doors, he then continues to pray and Annie begins to be sucked through the door, she protests and screams as George and Nina watch the scene via surveillance footage, but Annie is forced through the door and the door closes, much to the heartbreak of George. After the event of that day and Mitchell's many murders, he, George and Nina move stay at a house in the countryside where they are soon met by Lucy. She attempts to make amends with the three of them, however, she was followed there by Kemp, who stabs Lucy with a stake, killing her. Kemp approaches Nina to murder her but Annie steps out of Lucy's door and grabs him, dragging Kemp through the purgatory. Mitchell, George and Nina are shocked by this and soon see Annie on their TV screen, she explains that the people on the other side are mad at what she did to Kemp and are sorting out her punishment, the three of them vow to get her back. ("All God's Children")

Series 3[]

Annie 301
Lia frees Annie from purgatory. ("Lia")

Mitchell, George and Nina move out of their beloved house in Bristol to go to Barry Island where they move into an old B&B, Honolulu Heights. Soon after they buy the house, Annie appears on a TV screen again, telling them that she is still being punished for what she did to Kemp and being kept in a cell up until she's taken to hell. Mitchell decides to take action and get Annie back and so he and George wait for a patient in the hospital to die so that Mitchell can go through his door with him and enter purgatory. There, Mitchell meets Lia who takes him to different moments of his past before revealing herself to be a murder victim of his from the Box Tunnel 20. Mitchell tries his best to repent but Lia instead predicts that he will be killed by a werewolf, worrying the vampire. She proceeds to walk into Annie's cell and free her, telling her that she's allowed to leave and that when she enters again through her own door, things will be much better. Annie is reunited with Mitchell but not so happy to see that they've moved to Wales, however, she soon moves past this after a reunion with George and Nina, and the four friends appear happy ever after. ("Lia")

Annie 302
Annie acting as Mitchell's "guardian angel". ("Adam's Family")

Now that Mitchell has saved Annie from purgatory, she feels in his dept and appoints herself as his "guardian angel", first deciding to help him with his job interview. She and Mitchell go down to the Barry hospital where he is interviewing for a custodial position and Annie keeps on telling him not-so-useful hints which he responds to, confusing the woman who's interviewing him as she cannot see Annie. The whole thing ends as an atrocity, but Annie still feels that she has to help Mitchell in a way and the two take a stroll along the pier where she explains that she cannot be seen and that she needs to help him as he's all she's got, being the only one who can see her. Annie is later thrilled when it turns out that Mitchell in fact got the job. ("Adam's Family")

Annie 303
Nina and Annie tend to a dying Sasha. ("Type 4")

Annie is shocked when she's walking the street and discovers a dead woman who can see her – and she has a body. Annie runs home but is followed by the zombie where the disruption alerts the rest of the household. They eventually invite her in, discovering her name is Sasha and that she doesn't in fact know that she's a decaying, yet living, corpse. Annie and Mitchell go to the hospital where they find out that several people became zombies instead of crossing over because at the time of their deaths Mitchell was in purgatory saving Annie. They then find video footage of experiments being done on the zombies; the doctors quickly found that anesthetics had no effect on these living corpses, but the vivisections continued anyway until the doctors finally disposed of the zombies in the biohazard incinerator - while their victims were still alive and screaming. Sasha was apparently the only one to escape this tortuous process. Annie soon takes it upon herself to help Sasha, believing that the dead should stick together. She takes Sasha to see her ex-boyfriend, Gethin, who is frightened of her and stabs her in the stomach, with a trophy. Annie pulls the trophy out of Sasha who admits that she knows she's dead and that there's no point fighting it anymore. To lift her spirits, Annie covers Sasha in a lot of makeup in order to take her on a girls' night out along with Nina. When at the club, Sasha collapses on the dance floor and Annie and Nina take her home where she's put on bed rest, the decay finally having caught up with her. Sasha soon dies and her ghost tells Annie that she must seize the day and thanks her for being her friend. Annie bids her friend farewell and takes her last piece of advice to heart. ("Type 4")

Annie 304
Ventriloquism? ("The Pack")

Following Sasha's advice, Annie and Mitchell have now started a relationship, however, they realize that, with her being a ghost, they cannot have sex. Annie comes up with a few alternative solutions for the problem by suggesting "heavy petting" and dirty talk (exampling the latter to him, rather embarrassingly). After this idea doesn't go so well, Annie points out to Mitchell that she can taste what he's eating when she puts her hands on him, she then takes this to mean that if he has sex with a girl as Annie places her hands on her, she will feel what the girl feels - a way for the couple to have a sexual relationship, of sorts. Annie and Mitchell go to a bar and pick up a girl (Sadie) for Mitchell, when they arrive home, George is thrilled to see that the two of them are together, revealing also that Nina is pregnant, but not so thrilled to discover Sadie with them. Mitchell and Sadie begin to have sex and Annie attempts to feel what Sadie feels, however, Mitchell's eyes go black and he bears his fangs, ready to feed. Annie pulls him off of Sadie who leaves, insulted, and Mitchell tells Annie that he's content in being in a sexless relationship since he associates sex with violence. Annie and Mitchell later show up at the dog fights with McNair and slay a bunch of vampires as Nina, George, Tom and McNair transform around them. From this night, they discover that Nina's baby can survive the transformation. ("The Pack")

Annie 305
Annie comforts Wendy. ("The Longest Day")

Annie is shocked when George and Nina return home with an amnesiac Herrick, who seems not to remember a thing of being a vampire. Upon seeing him, Mitchell tries to stake Herrick; however, Annie and Nina pull him off of the scared ex-vamp. To make matters worse, a social services worker named Wendy shows up to assess Nina's "Uncle Billy" (Herrick) and see whether or not he is comfortable with the household. As this is going on, Cara, a vampire from Bristol, shows up to see Herrick, and Annie accidentally reveals that he's upstairs in the attic. Cara runs upstairs, but when Herrick doesn't recognise her, she stakes herself and dies. Wendy soon asks Nina why "Billy" has no NHS file and Nina, panicking, accuses Wendy of incompetence and threatens to tell her manager. Wendy leaves after Nina offers to keep it their little secret, and begins to cry in her car but Annie teleports in and comforts her (although, Wendy is unaware of this). Herrick soon tells Annie that he's "on to her", after being confused as to why Wendy couldn't see her. ("The Longest Day")

Annie 306
Annie hears about Daisy. ("Daddy Ghoul")

Annie comforts George who learns that his father, George Sands Snr., has passed away. She is later confused when Detective Nancy Reid shows up to question Mitchell about the event of the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre in Bristol. Annie is confused as to why anyone would question Mitchell about this and follows Nancy back to the police station where she is surprised to discover that one of the Box Tunnel 20 victims is Lia, the ghost that set her free in purgatory. She tells Mitchell of this but he denies all knowledge of knowing who Lia is, and Annie, blinded by her love for Mitchell, believes him, before he tells her that Daisy was involved in the massacre. Annie returns to the investigation and leaves Nancy a post-it note telling her to ask Mitchell about Daisy, and Nancy does so. Herrick tells Nancy, when she's in the house to question Mitchell, that he believes Mitchell carried out the massacre as he found a scrapbook of the event under the floorboards. Nancy takes this book and attempts to leave, but Mitchell intercepts her and takes it back, before burning it. Nancy takes this to mean that Mitchell is undoubtedly guilty. ("Daddy Ghoul")

Annie 307
"She's not interested!" ("Though the Heavens Fall")

As Nancy continues her investigation of the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre, still convinced that Mitchell is guilty, Annie takes it upon herself to learn of the true culprits. She asks Mitchell who assures her that it was Daisy and telling Annie that vampires have their own way of punishing each other as if a policeman were to take their picture; they'd be exposed due to their trait of not being able to show up in images. Annie follows Nancy around again in order to learn more about the investigation and is soon led to a warehouse that is storing the actual carriage in which the massacre took place. Cooper, Nancy's superior, reveals to her that Mitchell is guilty and provides evidence, shocking and appalling Annie, however, it is then revealed that Cooper intends on covering it up, being a vampire himself. He advances on Nancy who runs away, he soon catches up with her and offers her an "evolutionary promotion" and attempts to recruit her before being staked in the chest by Annie who exclaims that Nancy's not interested. Nancy next heads to Honolulu Heights and arrests Mitchell for his crimes, and Annie begs Mitchell not to resist arrest, needing him to take responsibility for what he has done in order to forgive him. Mitchell is taken to the police station where his photograph is taken... ("Though the Heavens Fall")

Annie 308
Annie says goodbye to the love of her life. ("The Wolf-Shaped Bullet")

Annie resides in Mitchell's cell with him after he is arrested, still being an anomaly to officers who cannot seem to be able to capture his image. Annie soon leaves and discovers that a pregnant Nina has been stabbed in the kidneys by Herrick, who remembers his vampire self, and she accompanies her friend to the hospital. Whilst she is there, Annie is talked to by a dead body who tells her to get to purgatory in order to save Mitchell from his prophesised fate of being killed by a werewolf. Annie does so and is surprised to be met by Lia, who reveals that she made up the prophecy to mess with Mitchell's head, but Mitchell made it self-fulfilling. Lia planned to lure Annie to purgatory as a means of revenge towards Mitchell for killing her. Meanwhile, Mitchell is released from his cell by Herrick, who killed the policemen who saw the vampire's empty photos. He locks Mitchell in a cage with George where he tells him that thanks to Mitchell's interference, Herrick remembered himself, leading him to stab Nina and leave her for dead. George is maddened by grief, and as Annie and Lia watch from purgatory, Annie tells Lia that her plan for revenge isn't a great one as she not only hurt Mitchell, but will be the cause Nina's death as well as her unborn baby's, thus ruining George's life as well. Lia, realising that Annie is right, lets her go, saying that revenge "sort of sucks". After Mitchell and George are out of the cage, the former stakes Herrick, destroying him for good, whereas the latter returns to Honolulu Heights with Annie and Nina, who has quickly healed from her stabbing - an unlooked for bonus of werewolf metabolism. The three are soon visited by Mitchell who asks George to stake him, ending Mitchell's unwinnable fight against blood lust and to restore George's ethics which he had repeatedly compromised for Mitchell's sake. They are interrupted by Edgar Wyndham, an Old One who threatens them all, telling Annie that he is curious to see what she is capable of as he thinks she's more powerful than she imagines. George ends up staking Mitchell, stopping him from being taken by Wyndam. Mitchell and Annie admit to being the loves of each other's long lives and George tells the Old One that he's got a fight on his hands. ("The Wolf-Shaped Bullet")

Series 4[]

Annie 401
George dies in Annie's arms. ("Eve of the War")

Annie is seen living with a paranoid and despondent George who stays in the attic beside his newborn baby's cot with hanging crucifixes and a stake in his hand, stating that the baby is not to leave the room as when Nina left, she was murdered, he also refuses to give his daughter a name as he says that every time he thinks of one, he can only picture it on a gravestone. Tom stops by to tell George that the vampires will be at a certain warehouse at a certain time, but George thinks this to be a trap as tonight is the night of their transformation. Tom points out that that's exactly why the vampires won't be expecting them and George agrees to go, over Annie's vigorous protests, as she is then left with the task of babysitting the baby and George gives her a dog-carrier with orders to place the baby inside it in case she transforms. Annie is horrified by this idea but obliges nonetheless. George and Tom are captured at the warehouse where a vampire named Cutler films their transformation. Meanwhile, Annie is at home with the baby when social services come knocking, breaking down the door when they hear the baby crying loudly but no one else seems to be at home. They find the baby in a dog-carrier and begin to take her away. Annie soon finds out that the policeman accompanying the social services worker is a vampire named Fergus, who tells Annie that he will kill the baby if she tries to stop them. Annie tries to follow their car to see where they are taking the baby but soon loses it. George returns the next morning to find a distressed Annie and that his daughter is missing. Griffin, another Old One, stops by and takes George away, threatening the baby once more, he also reveals that she is not a werewolf. Tom and Annie stage George's rescue and break into the vampire's lair to find George attacking the vampires after triggering a partial transformation by staring at a picture of the full moon. In the chaos, Regus, the vampire recorder, slips the baby to Annie to save her as she is prophesised as the saviour that will kill all of the vampires, and Regus wants this to comes true to prove his prophecies are correct. It turns out that by half-transforming, George has given himself kidney, liver and heart failure and with no follow-up healing process. Dying in Annie's arms, he appoints Tom as guard to Annie and the baby and names his daughter Eve. Annie is devastated to have lost another friend. ("Eve of the War")

Annie 402
Annie's "ceremony". ("Being Human 1955")

Following the death of George, Annie has agreed to let Tom live with her in Honolulu Heights and help out in her new role as Eve's mother. The two of them soon receive a visit from vampire Hal, werewolf Leo and ghost Pearl. They hear that Leo was told to come there and that he is dying and becoming weaker and weaker with every transformation. Annie takes the flickering of the lights as a sign of destiny meaning that Eve is meant to heal Leo as part of her role as the saviour. Annie performs a "ritual" before the new visitors in which she attempts to heal Leo, however, nothing happens, and Pearl protests that Annie told them that Eve was the saviour, but Tom takes the baby and says that she's George and Nina's daughter, and that should be good enough. Hal, Leo and Pearl continue to live at Honolulu Heights per Annie's request and Leo is placed on bed rest for his final days. When Pearl begins to worry about Leo, the lights flicker again and Annie takes this to actually mean that Pearl is distressed as she is in love with Leo. She convinces Pearl to tell the old werewolf of her feelings and she does. Leo dies and becomes a ghost before passing over to the other side with Pearl at his side. As they do this, they leave Hal alone and Annie decides to allow the vampire to live with them at the house. ("Being Human 1955")

Annie 403
Regus relives Annie's loss of virginity. ("The Graveyard Shift")

Annie is visited by Regus who informs her that the vampires pose a serious threat to Eve and that according to legend, she has a mysterious "Nemesis" – someone with a burnt arm – that will kill her. In exchange for this information, Annie must give Regus the memories of her first sexual experience, but this backfires when he embodies the role of Annie in the flashback as appose to the boy having sex with her, much to Annie's amusement. Later, Annie takes Eve for a stroll in the park where she is approached by Fergus, the vampire policeman who took Eve away with the social worker that he also killed, who menaces her and Eve. Annie asks why the vampires can't just leave Eve alone, exclaiming that she's just a normal baby, however, Fergus points out that Annie doesn't really believe that and that she's saying it merely to save the child's life. This then prompts Annie to return to Regus and take him up on his offer to leave Barry Island for Eve's safety, but when they return home, they are intercepted by a group of vampires led by Fergus who attack. Hal stakes Fergus and Annie kills a few vampires herself, she then decides that their supernatural trinity is strong enough to protect Eve and that she will stay in Barry. ("The Graveyard Shift")

Annie 404
Kirby is obliterated by Annie. ("A Spectre Calls")

So that Eve is always under proper care, Annie constructs a rota of chores that must be performed by Tom and Hal regarding her, much to their dismay. Kirby, a ghost from the 1970s, turns up at Honolulu Heights and assures Annie that Nina sent him from purgatory to help with the baby. Believing him, Annie allows Kirby into their home and begins to trust him with Eve when he starts to give advice on raising her, such as decorating her attic bedroom with bright colours. When Eve gets a fever, Annie calls over a local doctor and makes Tom and Hal pretend that they are Eve's gay fathers, as the doctor cannot see her. They do this but the doctor realises that he has no records of an adoption, and, not to Annie's knowledge, Kirby kills him, to stop him from looking into it. As Annie begins to trust him more, Kirby worms his way into the heads of Hal and Tom, making the latter mad at Hal and Annie and leave for forgetting his birthday and making Annie kick Hal out for attacking Eve, even though he did not. Annie is now left only with Kirby who points out to Annie how pointless she is and how she has no one, this sudden realisation makes Annie completely disappear. Tom and Hal soon return and find Kirby with Eve, he seems to be about to kill her but Annie soon runs through the door, places her hands upon Kirby's head, and painfully obliterates him. This power seems to be down to the intense need Annie has to protect Eve. ("A Spectre Calls")

Annie 405
Annie swaddles Adam. ("Hold the Front Page")

Someone knocks on the trinity's door and Annie soon recognises him as Adam, a teenage vampire who stayed with her many months previously. She allows him to stay with them at the B&B with a teacher, Yvonne Bradshaw, who he is having an affair with, hence why he and her are on the run and why the paparazzi has been brought to Honolulu Heights. Annie is confused as to why Yvonne can see her and even more confused as to why everyone who touches her seems to fall in love with her. It is revealed by Hal that Yvonne is a succubus, a kind of demon that kills men by having sex with them. Annie reveals this fact to Yvonne who refuses to come to terms with it; she then demands that Annie take Adam out of the house and see if he feels the same way when not under Yvonne's influence. Annie "swaddles" Adam (hiding him under her jumper, making him invisible to the paparazzi) and takes him to a bar where he refuses to return, too angry at Yvonne. Annie next has to deal with a news reporter who has taken a picture of Adam with no image, and takes Hal with her to his hotel room. They see that he has already been killed (by Cutler) and Annie admits that she brought Hal there to kill him anyway, and apologised for almost breaking his non-blood streak. After seeing her statement on the television, Adam reunited with Yvonne and the two of them leave together for the Isle of Grimsay, meanwhile, Cutler releases the video he recorded of George and Tom transforming into werewolves onto the internet, as part of the exposé he is planning... ("Hold the Front Page")

Annie 406
Emrys' ghost appears to Annie after she accidentally kills him. ("Puppy Love")

The house is visited by Allison Larkin, a young werewolf who has seen the footage that Cutler released online and is there to alert them, her and Tom decide to deal with this issue and grow close as they do so. Soon, Annie hears a knock at the door and believes it to be an Old One, scared, she runs at him with a stake and knocks him down, killing him. She soon realises that it was in fact her neighbour, Emrys, who is now a ghost. Annie vows to help him with her unfinished business and he tells her that he's never been kissed, Annie reluctantly leans in to kiss him before discovering the wedding ring on his finger, realising he is lying. They next go to the home of Emrys' ex-wife and her new husband where Annie makes Emrys admit to his former wife that he still loves her, he does so and Annie leads him inside his door, however, it turns out to be a cupboard. Confused as to what his unfinished business might be, Annie and Emrys decide that it perhaps doesn't always have to be good and so she and Emrys give his ex-wife and her husband a brief haunting, messing around the room with them in it and frightening them, causing them to run away. Emrys' actual door appears and he is sent through it, but once he's gone, someone steps out of the door; the woman from the future. The mysterious woman tells Annie to come with her, and a confused Annie is reluctant, the woman then reveals that she is Eve from the future... ("Puppy Love")

Annie 407
Annie is taken to her future, and Eve's past. ("Making History")

Annie goes through the crossover door with the future version of her daughter, Eve, and into purgatory. Through this, Eve takes Annie to different points of her past, stating that she got the idea from what Lia did to Mitchell. Annie is first taken to the docks where all of the humans attempted to flee on the day that the Old Ones arrived, Annie is still shocked at being in the future and asks if everyone has jetpacks, but Eve tells her that mostly everyone's dead. She continues to reveal the world she lives in, telling Annie that humans and werewolves were branded by vampires and placed into camps, as well as the dog fights starting again. She reveals that Tom is killed and that the fearsome leader of the vampires is Hal, who has taken a Hitler-like reign over all of them. This entire timeline shocks Annie as Eve continues to reveal that in order to fulfil her destiny, she must die as a baby, which should prevent all of this future from happening, also stating that she is the one who appeared to Leo to get Hal in the house, who she thought would kill the baby, and when that failed, she manipulated Kirby into doing the same thing, but he also failed. Annie is shocked by all of this but confused as to where the mysterious "nemesis" falls into all of this, Eve then reveals the burn on her arm from the brand she got from the vampires, stating that she orchestrated all of this and that Annie is merely her weapon. Annie is placed back into her own time and world with the knowledge that she must kill Eve, she returns to Tom at the house who leaves as it is his "time of the month" (full moon) and she begins to sing to Eve, scared of the terrible things that she may have to do to her. ("Making History")

Annie 408
"Give me back my fucking baby!" ("The War Child")

Tom and Hal return home to Annie and baby Eve with new ghost Alex, Hal's date who was murdered the previous night. Annie explains that a future version of Eve appeared to her and took her through her corridor, revealing that she must kill the baby in order to save the world from the Old Ones, who are now back. Hal asks her if she could do that, but Annie exclaims that she could never hurt a child, wondering how he could say that, but he then asks if Annie would do anything to stop someone who was trying to kill Eve, she remains silent. Tom reveals that he's been setting aside materials for a while to be able to build a bomb and decides to blow up the Old Ones in order to take Eve out of the equation. He begins construction along with Hal and Annie is left at home along with Alex and Eve. Annie begins to school Alex in some of her new ghost abilities such as "rent-a-ghosting" and telekinesis, but there is soon a knock on the door from Cutler: the vampire who killed Alex and now wants revenge on the Old Ones by killing Eve himself. Annie and Alex both refuse to invite him inside and so he enters with no invitation, setting on fire, burning up and melting as he does so. He approaches Eve's cot to kill her and adult Eve, who appears on the TV screen, orders Annie to let this happen, but Annie cannot, she instead uses her telekinesis to move a stake into Cutler's back, killing him before she rushes to Eve's aid. Whilst Annie and Alex remain downstairs and Eve upstairs, sleeping, Tom sneaks into the house and takes the baby, before leaving. He presents her to the Old Ones, knowing that they will keep her safe, on the condition that he gets to stay with her, Mr. Snow agrees to this and takes the child, and Tom is surprised to see that Hal is there with the bomb. After realising what Tom has done, Annie bursts into the Old One's base, Alex not far behind, and demandingly exclaims, "Give me back my fucking baby!" At this, Annie uses her ghost abilities to send approaching vampires away from her, and Tom is taken out of the room by Milo, a werewolf, during the struggle. Annie soon gets Eve back in her arms as well as the detonator for the bomb that Tom constructed in her hand. She realises that there is no other way to save the world and tells Alex to rent-a-ghost outside with Hal, who isn't a living thing. Alex obliges and Annie tells Eve that she loves her, before detonating the bomb, killing all of the Old Ones and exploding the warehouse. Now, Annie is stuck among the flames of the explosion and sees her crossover door within the fire. Annie steps through it to purgatory where she finds baby Eve, and picks her up. She is then greeted by adult Eve who explains that saving the world was Annie's unfinished business, and that through Annie's subsequent door in the purgatory corridor are her old friends. Adult Eve fades away, having never happened now, and Annie walks through her door with Eve in her arms where she is presumably reunited with George, Nina and Mitchell. ("The War Child")


Annie, partially faded.

Annie's ability to be seen and heard by normal people depends on her state of mind, though supernatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires and other ghosts can always see her. Annie also seems to be able to teleport short distances. When Annie discovers her cause of death, she becomes a poltergeist, which allows her to move objects without touching them and turn mechanical machines on. However, it seems that she can't control these new-found abilities, which only activate in times of extreme emotion (along with her teleportation). After denying death and not going through the door she found many new abilities such as Telekinesis. Another ability displayed by Annie is when she was able to close the death door and ward off the watchmen.

Annie's intangibility (Click for animation).

As ghost, Annie is intangible in normal situations, however vampires and werewolves can touch her, maybe due to their supernatural condition. [1].

Thanks to Sykes tutoring, Annie has also displayed a form of Telepathy where she is able to share George's senses, and Aura Reading, which lead her to discover a brain tumour in a passer-by.

As a ghost Annie, has a deeper understanding of death than human minds are able to understand without going insane, as in the example of Owen. When Owen learned what was beyond death, he went insane saying, "they're after me".

When another ghost named Kirby threatens the life of Eve, a furious Annie grips either side of Kirby's head and painfully destroys him leaving absolutely no trace. The exact nature of this ability is unknown, all that is known is that it was connected to the intense need Annie felt to protect Eve. Annie used her Telekinesis to send vampires further away from her and to save Eve from Mr Snow.


John Mitchell[]

Main article: Mitchell and Annie

Mitchell originally met Annie when he and his housemate, George, moved into her house. In Series 3 after he saves her from Purgatory, the two begin a relationship, however, he is staked by George and Annie is left alone. When Annie goes through her door, it is assumed that the two are reunited.

George Sands[]

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George is Annie's former housemate and she met up with him again after she crossed over. She adopted his daughter, Eve, after he died.

Nina Pickering[]

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Nina was also Annie's housemate and Eve's biological mother. Annie was very upset after her death, having viewed Nina as her best friend.

Eve Sands[]

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Annie adopted Eve after her parents died and loved her very much. Annie blew up the Old Ones with Eve in her arms and the two crossed over together to be with Eve's real parents.


Main article: Annie and Owen

He was Annie's fiancé when she was alive, and also her murderer: when he found a thong in her clothes, he accused her of cheating, manhandling her and eventually pushing her down the stairs, which killed her. When Annie saw him again, it shattered her confidence and people can once again, not see her. She tried to be a wife to Owen before realising that he killed her, then she attempted to haunt him and eventually succeeded, causing him to go crazy.

Tom McNair[]

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He becomes her housemate and a common babysitter to Eve. Annie describes him like having a pet around the house. Their relationship is that she looked after him and he looked after her. Even though they weren't emotional attached as Annie was with George, Nina and Mitchell, they were still very good friends.

Hal Yorke[]

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At first, Hal and Annie don't seem to be the best of friends. Their personalities are extremely different, however they later become friends even though their natures are nothing alike.

Other Relationships[]

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  • Out of the three original main characters (George, Mitchell and Annie), Annie has been part of the main cast for the longest amount of time: four series.
  • Nina mentions in Type 4, Annie is a Sagittarius.


Annie has appeared in 31 episodes in total. This makes her the character to have appeared the most out of any other character in the tv series.


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