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Annie and Herrick
General Information
First Met 2009
Started Dating 2009
last mentioned The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
"I'm onto you... little man."
―Annie to Herrick

For Herrick Annie is just a friend of Mitchell, that isn't worth his attention. He thinks that he can easily get rid of her and that she isn't any threat to him. Herrick however enjoys to threaten Annie, when Annie appears at a crime scene he smiles at her. Herrick immitates a ticking clock and is happy when he sees Annies scared face. Herrick thinks that once he has killed George and got back Mitchell Annie will just disappear without his doing. Even when Herrick looses his memory, Herrick doesn't take much notice of Annie. However he still likes to scare her, which makes Annie realise that he is still the Herrick that he was before he lost his memory. She thinks that he is still evil and needs to be killed. She wants to do this on her own, but Mitchell stops her by telling her that he doesn't want her to kill Herrick.