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Annie and Hugh
Annie und Hugh1
General Information
Intimacy Level friends, lovers
First Met 2010
Started Dating 2010
Breakup 2010 - Annie became invisible so they couldn't date anymore
Status Hugh is with his Ex Kirsty
last mentioned Long Live The King

Hugh was Annie's boss in the New Found Out. When Annie gets to know Saul and flirts with him Hugh is jealous and has reservations towards Saul. These turn out to be justified, as Saul becomes sexually molesting towards Annie.

After this Annie and Hugh become closer. They have just kissed and begun a romatic relationship when Annie suddenly becomes invisible to humans.

As Annie feels guilty about not being able to see Hugh again she tries to get Hugh and his ex Kirsty back together again. This turns out to be really difficult, but in the end Annie succeeds and Kirsty and Hugh are a couple again.