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Annie and Owen
Annie Owen
General Information
Intimacy Level lovers, fiancees, enemies
First Met 2010
Started Dating 2004-2006
Breakup 2007 (Annie's death)
Status enemies
last mentioned Bad Moon Rising

Annie and Owen met ca. 2004-2006 when they were in college in Brighton. Annie was studing design and Owen was studying computing. They fell in love in began to date. When Owen got a new job they moved to Bristol. They were engaged until Annies death.

After Annie died Owen began a love relationship with Janey Harris. Annie became a ghost. When she found out of the relationship between Janey and Owen she became a little jealous. She still loved Owen and wanted him for herself.

Then her memories of the night she died came back. She relised that she was murdered by Owen. Annie had gotten a thong as a secret santa present from a guy at work. Owen thought that Annie had been sleeping with this guy, he pushed her down the stairs. Owen didn't rush down the stairs to help Annie. He just put the thong away to destroy the evidence. Annie died.

After Annie had remembered this, Annie tries to make Owen confess. Owen however only laughs at her attampts. So she tries to warn Janey about Owen. Owen however convinces Janey that Annie's warnings are just imaginations.

Then Annie tries something different. She tells Owen about the other supernatural creatures, the vampires, the werewolves, etc. And she tells him a secret that only the death know. This secret is unheared by the audience, but it scares Owen a lot. Owen turns himself into a psychiatry to be safe from Annie and other supernatural beings.