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Annie and Saul
Annie und Saul
General Information
Intimacy Level dating
First Met 2010
last mentioned Serve God, Love Me and Mend

Annie get to know Saul in the New Found Out. He is her first guest and they are flirting a lot with each other. Then Saul becomes sexually molesting towards Annie. It turns out that the sexual assault was initiated by the men with sticks and rope who follow Sauls since he had a near-death experience. Now they want Annie to be at the other site and unsettle her.

A short time later, Saul has an accident. He dies and returns as a ghost. When Sauls door appears, the men with sticks and rops command Saul to push Annie through his door. At first Saul tries it, but then he says he can't do this and gets through his door alone and closes it after him. The men with the sticks and rope are angry that Saul has not done as they wished, but Annie is safe.