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"Annie is Back"
Annie is Back

Cast Annie SawyerLenora Crichlow

George SandsRussell Tovey
Nina PickeringSinead Keenan
John MitchellAidan Turner

Episode chronology
"Arriving in Barry Island"
"At the Club"

Annie is Back is a deleted scene that was cut from the 2nd scence of the second episode during the third series. It is an extra on the DVD of the third series.


Annie is in the living room in Honolulu Heights. Nina comes in and asks her if she is alright. Annie replies that she is. George comes in and tells Annie not to cross over to the afterlife to often because he cannot handle the celebration. Annie says why would she, because with her new urn that can make tea, she feels like heaven on Earth. Mitchell arrives. Annie gives tea to everyone. Nina suggests that Annie can be doing something better with her third chance of life. When George wants to take a toast, then Annie replies that the toast is for Mitchell because he is her saviour. Nina tells George that the best breakfast for days like this are cigarettes and a red bull. George replies that this is his girlfriend the nurse. Annie and Nina meet again at the floor. Nina asks how Annie is feeling. Annie pretends that she is okay.