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"Arriving in Barry Island"
Arriving in Barry Island

Cast George SandsRussell Tovey

Nina PickeringSinead Keenan
John MitchellAidan Turner

Episode chronology
"That's What Death's Like"
"Annie is Back"

Arriving in Barry Island is a deleted scene that was cut from the 1st scence of the first episode during the third series. It is an extra on the DVD of the third series.


George is driving the car to Barry Island. He tells Mitchell that they have arrived. Mitchell tells George was visiting Barry Island in 1957, he visited Honolulu Heights, which hasn't changed until their arrival. George replies that Mitchell has been sleeping in the car for the last two weeks. Meanwhile Nina is talking to the letting agent. George asks Mitchell to get back to Bristol, because they had jobs there and a nice house. Mitchell however replies that he wants to move to Barry.