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Atlee was one of the few remaining living members of The Dutch and the leader after claiming to have killed the wolf that killed Heggeman. Atlee is portrayed by actor Kyle Gatehouse.


Season 2[]

Most of the Dutch were slaughtered by Bishop in his attempts to create a vampire master race. Atlee, however, was not present at the slaughter. He is one of the Dutch who accompanies Heggeman on the trip to Boston when Suren is reinstated. He becomes suspicious when Heggeman mysteriously disappears after being tasked by an unknown, to him, task by Mother. He returns to Boston to question Aidan on Heggeman's disappearance, and gets tied up in Josh's lie to Cecilia that the McLean twins are responsible for Heggeman's death. After taking Atlee to hunt the twins, their plans are reversed when Josh, Nora, Connor, and Brynn all change and Atlee retreats, leaving Aidan to save Cecilia. Aidan later gives Atlee the corpse of Connor and tells him to take it back to the other members of The Dutch and never return to Boston. Aidan later confronts Atlee and blackmails him so he and Suren can remain in hiding, to which Atlee reluctantly agrees.

Atlee infected

Season 3[]

After rescuing Aidan from Mickey, Atlee believes that Aidan's blood is pure and will serve as a cure for the virus that is affecting the vampires. After a failed attempted to escape, Aidan is bitten and nearly drained by Atlee but with no success. He finally succumbs to the virus and turns to dust mid sentence.


Despite being one of the Dutch who are powerful elders, Atlee is a cowardly and self-serving vampire who puts himself first. In one instance, he flees rather than fight the werewolves he believes killed Heggeman, however, since one Werewolf managed to kill Heggeman with little effort then his fear is justified. During The Virus outbreak, he attempted to drain Aidan rather than share him with the other Dutch.