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There are three official novels of the BBC series. The novels are set between the episodes Serve God, Love Me and Mend and Long Live The King. They take place after George has seperated from Nina and before Mitchell became the leader of the vampires of Bristol. Annie also just became invisable to humans again. It is a book series, with a story that continues through the three books. The Road is the first book, Chasers the second and Bad Blood the third. Of all three books there are audiobooks available, and all of them are read by the actors of the series. The Road is read by Lenora Crichlow (Annie), Chasers is read by Russell Tovey (George) and Bad Blood is read by Lucy Gaskell (Sam Danson).

# Title Author Read by Length Published (download/cd) ISBN (audio download) ISBN (audio cd)
01 The Road Simon Guerrier Lenora Crichlow 5 hours 38 minutes 7 November 2012/16 April 2013 ISBN 9781471305115 ISBN 9781620647240
02 Chasers Mark Michalowski Russell Tovey 5 hours 18 minutes 1 November 2012/15 April 2013 ISBN 9781471305252 ISBN 9781471305283
03 Bad Blood James Goss Lucy Gaskell 6 hours 45 minutes 1 November 2012/15 May 2013 ISBN 9781471305290 ISBN 9781471305306