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Being Human: Bad Blood
Bad Blood
Bibliographical Information
Author James Goss
Publisher BBC Books (9. März 2010)
ISBN 9781471305290(audio download), 9781471305306 (audio cd)
Length 256 pages
Language English

Bad Blood is the third Being Human novel. Since the plot continues through all three novels, the books The Road and Chasers, should be read before Bad Blood.

One of Annie's oldest friends has come looking for her - and what's more amazing is that she's found her. Denise is the ultimate party girl, and she's determined to bring Annie out of her shell. Mitchell is delighted, but George really thinks the last thing they need to do is to go out and meet new people.

Annie and Denise throw themselves into organising a Bingo night at the local sports hall - after all, it's for charity, and what's not to love about having a good time? But why is Denise back in town? Why have Bristol's vampires suddenly started hanging around wherever they go? And why does George get the feeling that Bingo night is going to go horribly, horribly wrong?


Bad Blood is read by Lucy Gaskell (Sam Danson)

Read by ISBN (audio download) ISBN (audio cd) Length
Lucy Gaskell (the actress of Sam Danson) ISBN 9781471305290 ISBN 9781471305306 6 hours 44 minutes