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Beatrice Benson's daughter
Beatrice Benson's daughter
Gender Female
Television Portrayal
First appearance The Panic Womb
Last appearance The Panic Womb
Portrayed by Helen Colliander

This young girl is introduced as the daughter of Beatrice Benson. She looks exacly like her mother in a young age and like her mothers twin Ramona Benson. Since her mother has not seen Ramona Benson for a long time, she is shocked when she sees Ramona again. Maybe she is surprised because Ramona has stayed young since a very long time and looks exactly like her daughter. Beatrice says that she had forgetten how Ramona looks.

There are three possibilities:

1. This girl is Beatrice Benson's daughter. There is a mystery about Joy Benson and Carl Benson. Beatrice said that for a long time she did not find out who (Human, Demon, sth. else?) her parents and their friends really were. She is killed before she could tell Aidan, Josh and Sally more about it. So it is possible that there is something about Carl and Joy that let's all there descendants look the same. Maybe it is a curse about all of their descendants, or they are inhuman creatures whose descendants look the same until a certain age, or every first born child is automatically offered to Paimon and there are countless more possibilities.

2. Beatrice Benson knew that her child was Ramona Benson. But if that was so, why has she been so surprised when she saw Ramona again? And why did Ramona not wear the same closes as she always wears?

3. Beatrice and Beatrice's daughter were both an illusion, made by Ramona Benson, like she did in the episode 5x12 with Henry Durham and others.