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"I was trying to sound all sophisticated but it just came off really special needs didn't it?"
―To Mitchell

Becca was an employee at St. Jude's Hospital who developed a crush on Mitchell.


Early Life[]

Before meeting Mitchell Becca had a boyfriend called Gavin. After he broke up with her, she called him everytime when she was drunk. She stopped just six months before she was dating Mitchell.

Series 1[]

Becca is a nurse at the St. Jude's Hospital. She lives together with her flatmate in Bristol.

She becomes aquainted with George and Mitchell and sees Lauren's photo and asks who she was, they tell her that she was a nurse who worked in A&R who recently died. Becca offers her condolances.

Mitchelle finds out that George is interested in Becca but Becca is only interested in Mitchell, and, after Mitchell and Geogre argue, she asks Mitchell out for a drink and he agrees. They go to the pub for their date and Lauren (now a vampire) shows up to cause some havoc, Becca thinks she recognises her and then decyphers that it was from a photo, Lauren wants her to realise but Mitchell drags her out before Becca gets the chance.

When Mitchell returns, he says he has to leave and Becca is sad about it, she says she is going to the bathroom and Mitchell leaves. When he looks for her, he realises she is no longer in the bathroom and leaves too. He hears George scream in horror and sees him cradling Becca who has been attacked viciously by Lauren and losing alot of blood. Mitchell contemplates whether or not he should save her by recruiting her and she ends up dying in the alley due to mass blood-loss.