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The original cast. (Series 1-3)

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Being Human is a British television supernatural drama-comedy series created and written by Toby Whithouse and broadcast on BBC Three. It stars Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow as three apparent twenty-something characters sharing a house in Totterdown, Bristol, trying to live a normal social life, despite being a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost respectively.

Four series of Being Human have been recorded to date, and the series is one of the most popular shows on BBC’s iPlayer. The first episode of the second series premiered on BBC Three at 9:30pm on 10 January 2010. Following the success of the first two series,

Bh series 5

New cast. (Series 5)

Series 3 launched on the 23rd of January 2011. At the end of Series 3, Aidan Turner left the show and Russell Tovey announced he would be leaving in Series 4. Series 4 was launched in 2012 with a new cast; Lenora Crichlow, Damien Molony and Michael Socha. However, Crichlow also left at the end of the fourth series, leaving Molony, Socha and other newcomer; Kate Bracken to carry on as the main cast for Series 5 and onwards.


"Basically, the genesis of Being Human was so long and circuitous. What happened was I was initially approached about a show about a group of college graduates who decide to buy a house together. It struck me that wasn't the most thrilling or scintillating idea I’d ever heard, and I was on the verge of turning it down when completely unbidden, I had these ideas about three completely human characters that literally arrived fully formed.

Mitchell was a recovering sex addict; Annie was kind of a borderline agoraphobic; and George was this punctilious, house-proud, anal character who with anger liked to keep his life compartmentalised. I wrote pages and pages and pages of these bios, and the producers were very happy with these characters. We all liked the way they kind of sat together, but we couldn't for the life of us come up with a story for the first episode, and this went on and on for months.

We decided that we were going to have one last meeting and then if nothing came of that, we were going to call it a day. In sort of a kamikaze move, I suddenly said, “Well of course what we could do is turn George into a werewolf,” because if nothing else, that would give a story for the first episode.

And once we decided on that, because frankly we had no show, nothing to lose... It seemed like a very natural progression. Mitchell, the recovering sex addict, is like a vampire, and Annie, the agoraphobic, is the ghost rooted to a house. So, the bedrock was character, and the supernatural archetypes were added later. That’s the kind of precise version of a process that took about eighteen months.

Even though it was very frustrating at the time, I'm very pleased that we put that kind of work into the characters first. I think had I been asked for a straightforward supernatural show, we would have ended up being nothing. We would have ended up with something being less textured. And so that was kind of how it happened. But as I say, that meant the show’s foundation was on character.
―Toby Whitehouse[1]


Have you ever heard the one about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living together? Well for George, Mitchell and Annie, that’s no joke. It’s their life. The trio share a rented house together, desperately trying to strike a balance between their paranormal problems and domestic challenges that regular humans take for granted. All in the hope of achieving the simple pleasure of Being Human.


Annie, Mitchell and George Era[]

After settling into the house, George still needs a place to transform, and Mitchell is still trying to control his blood lust. Mitchell encounters Herrick at work, who reveals he is planning a global vampire invasion. George, attempting to transform in the woods, is taunted by a strange man, before opting to instead transform in the house. Annie is distraught at being unable to talk to her former fiancé Owen Norayan. Mitchell's attempt at a date with Becca fails as they are harassed by Lauren Drake, a girl who Mitchell 'recruited' into vampirism. Lauren kills Becca and Herrick once again offers Mitchell a chance to join the Vampire ascendancy, but Mitchell chooses to side with Humanity.

The man who taunted George again harasses him after his next transformation. He reveals himself to be a Werewolf, and that his name is Tully. Although reluctant at first, George strikes a friendship with Tully, who helps him to manage his 'condition', and also helps him talk to Nina Pickering, who George appears to take a liking for. However, Tully has a darker side, as he sexually harasses Annie, and he reveals to George that he was the Werewolf who infected him. After they transform again, George tells Tully to leave.

Lauren sends Mitchell a DVD of her having sex with a man and killing him, which Mitchell keeps, despite intending to throw it away. Annie is introduced to a 1980s ghost called Gilbert, who appears to develop feelings for her. Annie discovers how her death really happened-Owen killed her. Meanwhile, George takes Nina out on a date, only to end up transforming halfway through. Mitchell attempts to help Lauren control her Blood Lust. Mitchell strikes a friendship with a bullied boy named Bernie and his mother Fleur. However, when Mitchell lends Bernie a Laurel and Hardy DVD, the boy mistakenly takes the DVD Lauren previously sent Mitchell.

Fleur saw Bernie watching the DVD, and believed Mitchell was exposing her son to sexual material. She starts a hate campaign against Mitchell and George, and soon the entire neighbourhood gets involved. Despite Bernie telling them that it was his own fault, the mob refuses to believe it. Eventually, this results in Bernie being hit by a car, despite Mitchell's attempt to save him. Fleur, realising the ordeal was not Mitchell's fault, is shocked to discover he is a Vampire, and reluctantly allows him to recruit Bernie in order to save him. Mitchell, outraged at Humanity for what happened, returned to the Vampires and joined their World Domination plans. Annie, now visible again, decides to 'haunt' Owen in revenge for him killing her. However, he first attempt fails dismally. Mitchell meets an old friend of his Josie Hunter.

When Mitchell discovers the full extent of the Vampire world domination plans (to convert most of the world into Vampires, but keeping a small minority Human so they could lock them and feed on their blood), he tries to back out, but is unable to until he is saved by George, Annie, and Lauren. Lauren convinces Mitchell to kill her, being unable to bear what she is becoming. Annie traumatises Owen by telling him a dark secret. Owen freaks out and goes to the police.

Annie's Door appears and she prepares to pass on. However, Herrick comes to house and stakes Mitchell. George and Annie manage to get Mitchell to hospital. Josie gives Mitchell her own blood to save him, dying in the process. When Mitchell fully recovers, he plans to fight Herrick to the death. However, everyone is aware that Herrick is a more powerful Vampire than Mitchell, and that there is no way Mitchell could win a fight against Herrick. George gives Herrick the details of where he and Mitchell are to meet. However, George actually lures Herrick into the Hospital cellar, where he plans to transform and kill him. Mitchell and Annie try to get George to back down, but he refuses. Nina bursts into the cellar, only for George to accidentally scratch her. George transforms and kills Herrick, derailing the Vampires world domination plans.

In prison, Owen is being interviewed by A Mysterious Man, who asks him questions about his experiences with Mitchell, George and Annie. The man leaves the clearly insane Owen, and calls 'Professor Jaggat'. He proclaims that 'We've found them'.

Herrick's death has left the Vampire community in ruins. Vampires across Britain, especially in Bristol are in disarray, and more powerful Vampires such as The Old Ones have fled Europe. Compounding the danger are the arrival of two new Vampires, Ivan and Daisy. Although initially claiming to be here to observe the aftermath of Herrick's death, it soon transpires that they are here for other reasons. Meanwhile, Nina discovers that George previously scratching her has turned her into a Werewolf. Mitchell also meets an attractive Doctor called Lucy, who he starts to form a relationship with. Kemp, the man who interrogated Owen is a member of an organisation known as CenSSA, which is testing out a 'cure' for Werewolves. However, when it starts to fail, he allows his scientist, Lloyd Pinkie to continue, eventually killing the Werewolf. Kemp works for an unknown individual named Professor Jaggat. Carl, the Vampire who first helped Mitchell stay off blood has relapsed, and Mitchell, Ivan, and George help him get out of the country. Nina, disgusted that George has allowed a murderer to escape, leaves the house, only to be found by Kemp...

Annie, now visible, has got herself a job at the local pub, and fellow bartender Hugh appears to develop feelings for her. However, Annie meets a handsome man named Saul who she starts to form a relationship with. However, Saul is in fact an agent of the beings who lie beyond the Door to Death (The Men with Sticks and Rope). He crashes his own car under their influence and eventually dies in Hospital. He hears a voice from the radio (coming from beyond the door) giving him orders to throw Annie through his door. However, in an act of redemption, Saul throws himself through the door.

The incident has left Annie once again invisible to Humans. However, she attempts to help Hugh out, even though she can't be seen. She and George help him reunite with his ex-girlfriend, Kirsty. Meanwhile, Mitchell has been contacted by The Chief constable for Bristol, who is angry at the fact that Vampire killings have increased. Mitchell and the Chief Constable manipulate a coroner named Stephen Quinn into covering up the killings. After more murders are committed, Mitchell traces them to Cara, and punishes her by forcibly removing her fangs and leaving her to die in an underground cave.

Meanwhile George gets a phone call from Nina, who has become involved in Kemp's plan to 'cure' Werewolves. It is here that we discover that Kemp's master, Professor Jaggat, is none other than Lucy. Nina urges George to move on from her and get on with his life.

As such, George buys himself a cage to contain his transformations, and gets a new job a language school. It is there that he meets Sam Danson, and tries to start a relationship with her. However, he then attempts to tranquillise himself during his transformations, but he soon discovers that this results in extreme anger while in Human form, eventually culminating in George attacking his new boss.

Meanwhile, Annie meets a ghost names Sykes who helps her to fight against the forces from the other side. Although she eventually learns, Sykes warns her that she may not want to stay here forever.

Mitchell has formed a 'Blood Addicts support group' for Vampires, and urges Ivan to join. However, Ivan has been addicted so long that he finds it difficult to go clean. Mitchell is forced to compromise by making Ivan serve as his 'poster boy', yet allowing him to drink in secret. Adding to Mitchell's problems is the chief constables plan to use Vampires to dispose of criminals. Mitchell makes it clear to him that the Vampires don't kill any more, but the constable threatens to reveal the existence of Vampires to the world if Mitchell doesn't cooperate. Realising he has no choice, Mitchell is forced to kill the Chief Constable to keep him quiet. Mitchell reveals to Lucy that he is a Vampire, and she says that she knows. Mitchell begs Lucy to help him, and she relents. She attempts to kill Mitchell while he is sleeping, but finds herself unable to do it. Mitchell decides to leave the Vampire community and start a life with Lucy, and he tries to convince Ivan to replace him.

Annie meets another ghost who asks her to look after her baby (who is also a ghost). She later meets a psychic named Alan Cortez who has lost most of his ability, but can still see Annie. Annie helps him communicate with other ghosts and help them say their goodbyes to their loved ones. Alan helps Annie meet her mother, Carmen, which prompts her to decide to pass on.

George tries to make a more serious relationship with Sam, though when she pressures him into attending her daughter, Molly's parents evening on the night when (unknown to her) he will be transforming, he is forced to make excuses.

Unknown to Mitchell, Kemp and Lloyd place a bomb underneath the Vampire headquarters to be detonated at the time when the Vampires have a meeting where Mitchell will reveal his intention to leave. Under pressure from Kemp, Lucy finally gives the order to detonate. Ivan discovers the bomb at the last minute, and shields Mitchell from the explosion, though Ivan and all the other Vampires in the building are killed.

Nina returns to the house, bringing Kemp with her to convince George to try their 'treatment'. George is unconvinced and angry at Nina for leaving. He finally agrees to go to Molly's parents evening, but times it specifically around his transformation. However, what George did not know was that the clocks changed that day, meaning his transformation would be earlier. He begins to transform in the school, horrifying parents and children. He manages to escape and run to the house.

Annie asks Kemp to help her move on, but his methods do not work at all, she eventually changes her mind after she sees a transforming George run into the house.

Mitchell, the only survivor of the bombing at the Vampire headquarters, teams up with Daisy to investigate who was behind it. They interrogate Stephen Quinn, who reveals that it was Lucy. This knowledge enrages Mitchell, who declares war on Humanity. Mitchell and Daisy then single-handedly slaughter an entire train full of Humans.

When George returns to Sam's house, he discovers that Molly is traumatized by what happened, and realises that he and Sam cannot carry on. He decides to return to Nina and try Kemp's treatment. Annie decides to go with him, though she does not reveal that her true intention is to move on. When the two meet Mitchell in the house, he is consumed by anger and hate, and mocks and threatens them both, however, Mitchell's true personality reasserts itself, and he warns them to 'stay out of the cities' when they leave CenSSA, as 'the cities won't be safe for much longer'. 

Mitchell tries to ask the hospital chaplain Mark for information as to Lucy's whereabouts, but the man refuses to answer, sensing that Mitchell is going to hurt Lucy. However, he inadvertently reveals that Lucy's surname is Jaggat, causing Mitchell to realise that Professor Jaggat is Lucy, and that his friends are walking into a death trap.

George and Nina are being held at CenSSA along with Annie, but George is considering leaving to look for Mitchell, knowing that he wasn't quite right when they saw him last. However, Nina convinces him to stay with her.

Annie befriends a psychic named Hennessy (who she met when Kemp tried to exorcise her), who keeps her company while she waits for Kemp. George tries to check if he has any messages from Mitchell, only to discover Annie's intention to move on. George confronts Annie, who reveals that she wants to pass over because if George and Nina end up being cured, no one will be able to see her.

Lucy sees the ghosts of those killed in the Werewolf chamber. She talks to Kemp about it, but he is not sure what to do. Lloyd discovers a dead body in the toilets, and immediately alerts Kemp and Lucy. It is revealed that Mitchell has sneaked in to CenSSA, and is looking for George, Nina and Annie. He is also looking for Lucy, to find out why she did what she did.

George and Nina are moved to a secure room, but George discovers writing on the wall, a message from Tully telling him that all the Werewolves die in the Chamber. George realises that He and Nina must leave, and the two attack a CenSSA member who is guarding them.

Mitchell single-handedly decimates CenSSA until he finds Lucy, and the two angrily argue about morality, Humanity, religion and science. Mitchell eventually loses his patience and is about to kill Lucy. Kemp, realising he must act now, storms into Annie and Hennessy's room. However, Annie has changed her mind, and wants to stay here. Hennessy tries to defend Annie, even pointing out that there must be a door in order for Annie to go through. To this end, Kemp murders Hennessy in cold blood, and the forces from the other side pull Annie through the door. This somehow disorientates Mitchell, forcing him to let Lucy go. However, after he recovers he sees Kemp, who taunts him about Annie's demise. Mitchell grabs Kemp and is about to kill him, but George arrives and convinced him to let go. Mitchell, George and Nina flee and CenSSA is destroyed.

A few weeks later, George, Nina and Mitchell have fled to a house in the countryside. Nina is trying to track down Lucy, but inadvertently leads Lucy to the house. However, she wants to make amends. Nina is enraged and wants to kill Lucy, but Mitchell and George don't think they should kill her. Nina remains suspicious about Lucy, and hears her doing something in the middle of the night. She goes to investigate, only for Lucy to tell her to run. Nina is confused until she watches Lucy be stabbed by Kemp. George and Mitchell run down, only to find Nina being threatened by Kemp, who promises to kill them all. However, Annie charges through Lucy's door, and forcibly drags Kemp through.

Annie then communicates with the others through the television, revealing how awful the afterlife is, and saying that bringing Kemp through the door has angered whoever is in charge. She then says that they have to go. George is unsure of what to do, but Mitchell promises that they will get Annie back.

Meanwhile, Daisy has released Cara from her underground prison, and the two are performing some kind of Vampire blood ritual. Daisy is doubtful that it will work, but Cara promises that it will. Soon, the ground starts to shake, and a body, covered in blood, claws its way out of its grave. Herrick has been resurrected. He looks at Cara and Daisy, and begins to scream uncontrollably...

With Lucy and Kemp no longer a threat, Mitchell, George and Nina move to a new house in Wales. Mitchell and George wait at the bedside of a dying man until he dies and his Door appears. Mitchell goes with the man through the door in order to get Annie back. However, he meets a girl named Lia Shaman who does not reveal who she is, simply saying 'H12'. Before he can get Annie, Lia takes him back to some of the murders he committed in the past.

Meanwhile, A Werewolf called McNair is with his son, Tom, but McNair ends up being kidnapped by Vampires. Tom tries to help, but is not fast enough to save him, reaching the scene as the car drove away. Soon after, Thomas was spotted by George in a forest. The two of them had chickens attached to ropes, "circling the chickens". Both deduced that the other was a werewolf and whereas George wanted to talk, Thomas fled the scene.

After that, a group of people come to the place where George is going to transform, but they come for 'dogging'. They are arrested, but George is arrested with them. Nina is forced to bail him out, despite her transformation beginning. She manages to bail George out, but the two are forced to transform in the same spot, despite Georges fear that they would kill each other. It turns out that their wolf-selves had sex while transformed.

Lia finally reveals who she truly is. She was one of people Mitchell killed on the train (an event which became known as the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre) and her seat number was 'H12'. She dismisses all of Mitchell's excuses for what he did, and makes him feel true guilt and regret. Lia finally allows Mitchell to see Annie, and she returns from Purgatory.

After McNair reverts to Human form, he discovers that an innocent Human was thrown into the cage as he transformed and was killed. The Vampire leader, Vincent, taunts McNair, but Tom sneaks up behind him and stakes him. He reveals to McNair that he has seen another Werewolf.

George and Nina encounter a teenage Vampire named Adam Jacobs feeding off his own father at the hospital. George and Nina take Adam to the house. Meanwhile, Richard Hargreaves, a Vampire representative of the Old Ones meets Mitchell, and tells him that that the Box Tunnel 20 has put the country on Red-Alert, and in order to keep the existence of Vampires secret, The Old Ones have ordered Mitchell to join them in South America. Mitchell refuses.

Mitchell returns home and George asks him to help with Adam. However, Mitchell refuses as being close to a Vampire that isn't 'dry' may cause him to drink again. However, Adam's father later dies in hospital. Adam meets a girl at the arcade and is about to drain her of blood before George and Nina arrive. They again bring Adam to the house, and Mitchell suggests that they take Adam to Richard's house, as Richard claimed to have a 'system' in place in order to drink blood without killing.

George and Nina take Adam to Richard's house, but he and his wife, Emma, display bigoted attitudes towards the two Werewolves. Richard and Emma reveal that they have a BDSM-esque system which does involve killing, the only difference being that those being killed are complicit. George and Nina leave Adam at Richards house, only to later decide that their lifestyle is disgusting and try to get him back. Therefore, they return to the house, and Adam chooses to go with George and Nina. Richard promises that they will regret this. When they return to the house with Adam, Mitchell gives him some money (previously given to him by Richard) and he decides to leave. At the train station, he meets he girl he previously tried to drain, and she offers to go with him, but Adam refuses, knowing he poses a danger to her.

Annie meets a woman called Sasha whose body is clinically dead, yet she is somehow still alive. Mitchell and Annie investigate this matter, only to discover that Mitchell (a non-ghost) entering the afterlife to get Annie caused all the doors in the Barry area to close, meaning that dead people remain in their bodies instead of manifesting as ghosts.

Mitchell meets a Vampire, Graham, who claims himself to be a 'fanboy', and came to visit him. Mitchell brings Graham to the house. However, Graham soon starts to annoy Mitchell, but he blackmails him that he will tell the others about the Box Tunnel 20. Mitchell eventually threw him out when he began to flirt with her, denouncing Graham as a pathetic wannabe with no friends or personality of his own. However, Mitchell discovers that Graham is planning his own train massacre, and is forced to stake him before he hurts anyone else. Mitchell resolves to tell the others what he done himself.

George and Nina discover that Nina is pregnant. They initially argue about it due to Nina's issues with her own Mother.

Sasha's body begins to deteriorate, and she eventually dies in the house, but not before telling Annie and Nina to 'seize the day'. With this, Nina agrees to have a child with George, whilst Annie tells Mitchell that she doesn't want to know what he has done in the past, stopping him from telling her about the Box Tunnel 20.

George and Nina need to find out whether a Werewolf baby will survive a transformation, and George suggests that they find Tom, who he encountered last month. However, when George and Nina go to McNair's van, Mcnair tells Tom to stay inside, while he talks to George and Nina. When they ask for information about pregnant Werewolves, he claims to know nothing on the subject. George writes down the address and gives it to McNair before leaving.

Annie and Mitchell are starting to form a relationship, but don't want to tell George and Nina. Meanwhile, George and Nina don't want to tell Annie and Mitchell that she is pregnant, so the two couples lie to each other. Later on, Annie tells Mitchell that she thinks they are 'meant' to be together, but Mitchell scoffs at the idea as he (unknown to Annie) wants to defy the prophecy given to him by Lia.

At night, Tom sneaks into the house to see George and Nina, but Mitchell senses a Werewolf who isn't George or Nina, so he chases after Tom and beats him up until McNair comes and pushes him off. At this point, Nina finally reveals she is pregnant. However, Tom was wounded during his scuffle with Mitchell, and Nina convinces him and McNair to stay so that she can help him. 

Nina asks McNair about pregnant Werewolves, and he and Tom claim that Tom was born a Werewolf. However, Nina notices Werewolf scratches on Tom's back, but doesn't say anything.

In the morning, Mitchell secretly investigates McNair's van, only to find that he has information on many Vampire killings - including the Box-Tunnel 20 - and is heavily armed with Stakes. Mitchell threatens McNair to leave, but the Werewolf promises that he will eventually kill Mitchell. Mitchell decides to go to Richard and Emma to deal with McNair, but makes it clear that they are not to harm George, Nina, or Tom.

In order to take their relationship further, Mitchell and Annie plan for Mitchell to have sex with a random woman from a pub, and for Annie to project the sexual feelings on to herself. However, Mitchell's Vampiric instincts kick in, and he almost bites the Woman.

Meanwhile, Nina discovers that Tom's DNA traces back to a Human couple who were killed in an 'animal attack', and that he was not born a Werewolf, but was infected, explaining the scratches on his back. Tom confronts McNair, who reveals that he transformed and ended up attacking and killing Tom's birth parents when Tom was a baby, as well as turning the baby into a Werewolf. Out of guilt, McNair adopted Tom, but never told him about his true parentage.

Nina, George and Tom go to McNair's van, but they are attacked by Vampires who work for Richard.

Mitchell changes his mind about allowing Richard and Emma to have McNair, and calls them, only to discover that it is too late. He is relieved to find that McNair has not been kidnapped, but McNair attacks Mitchell, saying that Mitchell took Tom from him, and that Mitchell will pay. Mitchell pushes McNair off and implores him to tell him where they went.

McNair, Mitchell and Annie go to McNair's van, but they find out that they have been kidnapped for Richard's dog fights. The three are thrown into a Werewolf cage. As they start to transform, McNair, Mitchell and Annie arrive to save them, with McNair staking several Vampires, while Mitchell fights Richard and the others. Annie manages to unlock the cage, freeing Nina, George, and Tom. McNair is almost killed by Richard, but is saved by Mitchell, who then tries to fight Richard off. Richard overpowers Mitchell and leaves him to the mercy of the Werewolves. A semi-transformed McNair arrives and kills Richard by ripping him apart. Mitchell and Annie escape into the cage, and lock the Werewolves, who are now fully transformed, outside. In morning, McNair and Tom reconcile and leave, and Mitchell asks McNair if they have resolved their difference, McNair says they have, but tells him that he will have to face the consequences of what he done sometime soon.

Meanwhile, in the Psychiatric ward of the hospital, a new patient is brought in. It is Herrick, who is amnesiac and delusional. George and Nina take Herrick back to the house under the pretense that he is her 'uncle Billy'. Mitchell tries to stake Herrick, but is topped by Nina. It is discovered that Herrick remembers nothing of his past life or even his own identity.

Meanwhile, Wendy, a social worker, comes to the house in order to asses whether they are suitable to care for 'uncle Billy', but she is not the only person to come to the house, as Cara also arrives, looking for Herrick. She reveals that she was the one who resurrected Herrick, but does not reveal how she did it to Mitchell unless he takes her to Herrick. Mitchell refuses, but Annie inadvertently reveals the Herrick is upstairs. However, 'uncle Billy' reacts with fear and disgust for Cara, as she tried to make him drink her blood. Realising the extent of 'Billy's' hatred for her, Cara stakes herself. After that, Wendy discovers that there are no files on Herrick on the system, and is about to refer this to her superiors. Realising they have no other choice, Nina threatens to expose Wendy for being incompetent unless she keeps quiet. George discovers that 'Billy' is immune to religious symbols, as his Star of David has no effect, and 'Billy' consoles George over his insecurities over whether he will be a good father.

Nina is disgusted by her own actions towards Wendy, and confronts Mitchell over his plans to murder 'Billy'. Mitchell counters that Herrick is extremely powerful and is growing stronger, and while he cannot hurt Annie or himself, he will destroy George, Nina and the baby. Nina says the Mitchell has a 'poison' in him which is nothing to do with being a Vampire, an Mitchell realises that Nina may be the Werewolf prophesied to kill him. Mitchell tells Nina he does not need her approval and will do what needs to be done.

'Billy' senses Mitchell approaching, and George stops him. George tells Mitchell that as Herrick does not remember who he is, he deserves the same chance everyone has given Mitchell. 'Billy' tells Annie that her existence (able to be seen by Mitchell, George, Nina and 'Billy', but not Wendy, not realising their supernatural nature) intrigues him, believing her to be 'peripheral'. Annie is unnerved, and tells Mitchell she will stake Herrick, but he tells her to let him handle it.

'Billy' stumbles upon the diary of the Box-Tunnel 20, and is horrified. He shows Nina, but suggests she keep it secret as she is the only one who does not trust Mitchell. Nina feels sick. Mitchell tells George that he chooses to keep their friendship. Nina goes round the corner and calls the police, saying that they need to speak to Mitchell. Mitchell tries to get the secret of resurrection out of 'Billy', but fails.

The War Child[]


Tom, Hal and Alex Era[]



A pilot and 29 episodes have aired. Series 4 premiered on February 5, 2012. Originally, the pilot episode and all episodes of Series 1 and 2 were untitled.

Semi-official names have since been provided via a competition run by series creator Toby Whithouse via his blog.