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"Being Human - Unearthed"
Series 1, Episode 7
Being Human - Unearthed

Broadcast date 28 March 2013
Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by Colin Teague
Episode chronology
"Bad Moon Rising"
Cure and Contagion

Being Human - Unearthed is a TV special about the british Being Human series. It features making offs, behind the scenes and interviews with the cast and crew about the series. They talk about the Pilot and series 1. There are interviews with the following members of the cast: Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey, Sinead Keenan, Annabel Scholey, Jason Watkins. The TV Special features a lot of background information about the characters (Annie, George, Mitchell, Nina, Herrick, Lauren, Owen, Gilbert and Tully), the Being Human blog and the filming of the series. The Special is ca. 60 minutes long.


  • Closer, by Kings of Leon
  • Bad Moon Rising, by Creedence Clearwater Revival (also known as CCR)
  • Run With The Wolves by The Prodigy
  • Black Night by Deep Purple
  • The World Is A Vampire by The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Friendly Ghost by Eels (from the album Souljacker)
  • That's Entertainment by The Jam
  • Powder Blue by Elbow
  • Bad Blood by Supergrass
  • Gorecki by Lamb