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"Being Human 1955"
Series 4, Episode 2
Being Human 1955

Broadcast date 12 February 2012
Written by Lisa McGee
Directed by Philip John
Guest Cast
Episode chronology
"Eve of the War"
"The Graveyard Shift"
Shopkeeper: "Jesus Christ!"
Hal: "Not quite."
―A shopkeeper is startled by Hal

Being Human 1955 is the second episode of the fourth series of Being Human which was broadcast for the first time on 12 February 2012. This episode marks Hal's first interaction with Tom and Annie, and he subsequently joins their household.


Old werewolf Leo is dying, but he then gets a vision that a ghost and a werewolf are living with the savior of the world. To save his life, the three set off to Honolulu Heights, although his friends Pearl (a ghost) and Hal (a vampire) aren't so sure of this. Annie and Tom are surprised when the trio turns up on their doorstep.

Annie is confident she can channel the power to help them, but Tom remains sceptical about whether she should, particularly when the bloodsucking stranger appears to take an interest in baby Eve.

Leo sends Tom and Hal off on a mission to retrieve a ring from a pawn shop, and they succeed after a scuffle with the pawn shop owner. Nick Cutler sets up a focus group of ordinary people to study human's reaction to finding out that the supernatural exists. However, the other vampires then eat the group.

Leo wants Annie to look after Hal and Pearl after his death. He gives Pearl the ring and confesses that he always loved her, but could never tell her. Pearl feels the same, and when Leo dies, both her and Leo's doors appear, and they leave together.


  • La Vie En Rose, cover version by Louis Armstrong - Leo is listening to this song on the radio as the episode opens at the barber shop in Southend.
  • Dog Scratched Ear, by Henry's Funeral Shoe - playing as Tom sneaks back into the house after staking some vampires
  • I'm the Wolf, by Howlin' Wolf - Leo is listening to this song in the car as Hal and Pearl push it into Barry
  • The Beast In Me by Nick Lowe

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