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final episodes
Final UK Episode: The Last Broadcast
The last broadcast
Episode 5.06–In the final episode of Being Human, Hal, Tom and Alex do battle with the Devil in order to save the world, but at what price to their own humanity?
Final US Episode: There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3

Episode 4.13–In the final episode Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora fight against Ramona, but at great costs.

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Demons are a supernatural species which has been mentioned by Hal, Mitchell, Alex and Annie. Demons can have children with mortals, thus giving rise to a Succubus or Incubus. Read More...
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Werewolves are demi-human supernatural beings that transform into fierce, powerful wolf-like monstrosities once a month on the night of the full moon. While seemingly human most of the time, a transformed werewolf loses all self-awareness and sympathy, concerning itself only with the hunt for prey. Read More...
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Pack4ever8 Pack4ever8 28 February 2014

Being Human (Syfy) to be cancelled after 4 seasons

So, it has been confirmed by Syfy that after 4 amazing seasons, they're hit show, spinoff to BBC's Being Human, will be cancelled. It is unknown why, but rumors say that new head of the channel has c…

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Dynara Dynara 26 February 2014

Syfy’s ‘Being Human’ Cancelled, To End After Season 4

I thought you might want to know: The 4th Season will be the last season of the Being Human (Syfy):

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Dynara Dynara 17 February 2014

The New Navigation Bar

Hello everyone,

I would like to know how do you like the new navigation bar? What do you like, what do you think needs to be changed?

Do you prefer if Becoming Human is listed under Show Universe or if…

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