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Bernie is a boy who lived in the same neighbourhood as Mitchell, George and Annie.


Series 1[]

Mitchell makes friends with him after he stops some boys (Ahmed & Stevo) from bullying him. They go bowling together, and have a party with George at the house. Mitchell lends him a Laurel and Hardy DVD, but Bernie accidentally takes the box with the vampire porn film DVD (that Lauren had sent Mitchell previously) inside. When Bernie's mother finds it, Mitchell is branded a paedophile. Later one night, while the people from the street are rioting against George and Mitchell, Bernie is hit by a car and slips into a coma from which the doctors say he will never recover. Mitchell feels so much guilt that he offers to Bernie’s mother the option to turn him into a vampire, which she accepts. At the end of that episode, Bernie is seen at a train station, meeting his mother. Bernie goes to thank Mitchell, who walks away from him because he still feels guilt for leading Bernie to his coma, resulting in his death but mainly for giving him the curse of a vampire. Bernie is last seen meeting his mum at the station, and telling her that he is hungry. 

Post Series[]

Bernie and his mum moved around frequently [1] for a year before settling in Yorkshire. Bernie recruits terminally ill children from hospitals, and his mum looks after them. Fleur now cares for six newly recruited children, and some of their family members regularly visit to donate their own blood, provide financial assistance and to help with home schooling. Bernie and his recruits are known as "The Broody Bunch" to other supernaturals in Yorkshire.


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