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 For the character named Bernie from the original BBC series, see Bernie.

Bernie was the ten year old neighbor of Aidan, living with his mother Cindy. Aidan helps Bernie stand up to some neighborhood bullies and becomes fast friends with him, as Bernie reminds Aidan of his long-dead son.

Season 1[]

Bernie first met Aidan when he stopped some boys from bullying him. Aidan invites Bernie over after he learns that he's locked out of his house and spends the night helping Bernie with his homework and bonding with him. While Cindy is cautious of Aidan, she is also happy that Bernie has a male role model. Bernie and Aidan begin to spend a lot of time together, which causes Sally to notice a change in Aidan's behavior. One day while playing at the park Bernie meets Rebecca who privately also notes Aidan's father like demeanor.

Everything changes when Bernie finds and sneaks home (unknown by Aidan) the homemade snuff video Rebecca made for Aidan, Cindy catches Bernie watching it (before Rebecca kills the other man) and confronts Aidan angrily about the video. Bernie admits to taking it himself but Cindy still forbids Aidan from coming near Bernie again. Later, Bernie is accidentally hit by a car and dies after attempting to flee from bullies. Rebecca turns him into a vampire in an effort to cheer Aidan up by giving him a new family. Aidan is not happy, telling Rebecca that they don't turn children because they have no control over their impulses. When it appears that Bernie has killed the two bullies that used to pick on him, Bishop berates Aidan about the dead boys and the consequences of turning a child into a vampire. Aidan meets up with Bernie and Rebecca in a motel room, where Rebecca has been attempting to feed Bernie blood bags. Bernie is disgusted by the bags and shows signs of decreased humanity, with him almost always in a vampire like state. This leaves Aidan no choice but to kill Bernie, where he does so in the woods with a stake to the heart. It is later revealed that Bishop had Marcus kill the boys and make it appear that Bernie was the perpetrator.

Alternate Timeline[]

While not seen or mentioned, Bernie's life would have changed due to Sally changing history. While all the alterations are unknown, Sally did prevent Rebecca from becoming a vampire. This means that if Aidan did befriend Bernie, his death may have been prevented and he could still be on good terms with Aidan.