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Beth and Holly Ghosts
Holly & Beth
Biographical information




Killed By

Aidan Waite

Cause of Death

Broken necks

Physical description




Hair colour

Blond & Brunette

Eye colour

Blue & Brown

Skin colour


Occupation College Students (Previously)
Television Portrayal
First appearanceWhen I Think About You I Shred Myself
Last appearancePack It Up, Pack It In
ActorImogen Haworth (Holly)
Erica Deutschman (Beth)

Beth (blond) and Holly (brunette) are two ghosts who were killed by Aidan. They seek revenge by haunting Aidan in his dreams and wherever he goes, persuading him to act on his vampire impulses. Beth is portrayed by Erica Deutshman and Holly by Imogen Haworth.

In the Series[]

Season 2[]

Aidan convinces Holly & Beth that there is a party at his place to get them to follow him home. Once it becomes clear that Aidan had lied to them, they claim Aidan isn't worth their time and attempt to leave. Aidan compels them into believing they came to help his friend Henry. He then compels them again before meeting Henry, convincing them that Henry is the most beautiful man they've ever seen (to disguise the fact that Henry was actually skinless). The two do as they are told by allowing Henry to feed off them. Aidan stops Henry from sucking too much blood from them and tells him to only take a little from the both of them so that nobody gets hurt. Beth awakens from her hypnotic state and informs Holly of what's going on. They begin to panic and beg Aidan to let them go. Not wanting to alert the nieghbors, Aidan uses his speed and strength to quickly snap both womens' necks with hardly any effort, killing them both.

After this, they both became ghosts and, while Aidan was gone, they attempted to resolve their family and self esteem issues from their lifetime in order to find their doors.

Season 3[]

Upon discovering that Aidan had returned to the house where he murdered them, Holly & Beth return as ghosts to haunt him. They try to persuade him to act on his vampire impulses, knowing that he's trying to fight against it. They convince him to feed off Kenny. In one of his dreams, Aidan kills a nurse in the same fashion that he did to Holly & Beth. When he awakens, Kenny sees him in his vampire form while Holly & Beth taunt him, implying they had an influence on his dream.

Nora discovers the two in her kitchen and they reveal the events of their deaths to her, making her even more cautious of Aidan. She finds out that she can't disperse them due to the fact that they were killed in the house and will reset in the room where they were killed. 

Season 4[]

They briefly appear to torment Aidan but are banished by Sally.