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Box Tunnel 20 Massacre
Event information

Box Tunnel, Somerset


Wednesday, June 16th 2010 5.00 PM


John Mitchell
Daisy Hannigan-Spiteri


20 innocent people onboard a train in Box Tunnel are massaced by Mitchell and Daisy.


Retaliation for the CenSSA attack that killed a group of vampires.


The Box Tunnel 20 was the massacre of 20 train passengers, carried out by John Mitchell and Daisy Hannigan-Spiteri in episode 7 of Series 2, in retaliation to an attack by CenSSA that killed a group of vampires (including Daisy's husband Ivan). Eleven men and nine women were killed, one of which was Lia Shaman. The Box Tunnel 20 went on to be the main plot driver for Series 3, and also had repercussions in Series 4. Jason Healey was made responsible for the Box Tunnel 20 Massacre. He was set up by the police since they didn't wanted it to be known that the massacre was carried out by a vampire.


Lia Shaman - Age 22, had a peanut allergy, wanted to become a vet and had a little brother. Killed by Mitchell.

Donna Whycliffe - Worked as a primary school teacher. All of her students have been having nightmares since Mitchell killed her. Some have needed counselling.

Glenn Moorham - He was the train driver, Mitchell's first victim. He had 5 children.

Mary Finchly - She had just recovered from breast cancer. Killed by Mitchell.

Matthew Nelson - Has a dog, Bruno, who does not understand that his owner has passed away.

Dean Brocten - His friends and family are very sad because he died.

Victoria Abbotts - Her son Tommy is so sad he runs away - the police is looking for him.

Lisa Scally - She has a small baby.

Dawn Green - Has graduated from a product design course, her boyfriend Marcus is missing her.

Andrew Driecoll - His parents are missing him. He was always listening to his Ipod.

Robbie Jenkins - He was coming back from a job interview.

George Franks - A businessman, who prided himself on his sharp suits, he was returning from a meeting that would have advanced his career.

Edith Horson - On her way to see her grandchildren, who do not understand why she never came to stay with them.

Brian Smallbridge - An estate agent, he enjoyed nothing more than reading the newspaper on his journey home.

six unnamed victims

Jason Healey - Late victim (was shot dead and made responsible for the massacre, as the vampires wanted to cover up that the attack was made by a vampire)

People that were murdered because of covering up[]

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