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Cara was recruited by Herrick. She is portrayed by Rebecca Cooper.


Cara worked in the canteen at the St. Jude's Hospital in Bristol. She was turned into a vampire by Herrick.

Cara is there when Mitchell makes all the vampires promise to renounce blood, she like all the other vampires is wary, but she stilll promises. 

When Cara see some teenage girls (Kelly Bracewell & Sumira Clarke) bullying another girl in a shopping centre, she brutally kills them in front of the poor girl. She later recruits the bullied girl. We can assume that Cara was herself victim of bullying when she was still a human, thus giving a motive to the murder. Mitchell, who is trying to keep the vampires in control, decides to make an example of her and sentences her to deathHe leads her into a series of passageways under the funeral parlour and removes her vampiric fangs, smashes a brick into her mouth, then leaves her to die.

We later find out she isn't dead as it is Cara and Daisy who bring Herrick back from the dead* they are seen in a snow covered field bleeding into the ground.

Cara later turns up at Honolulu Heights to see how Herrick is doing. He still doesn't know who he is and who she is.  He calls her a bad name and a wrench, she is so upset by this she stakes herself.

  • Herrick tells Mitchell that he wasn't actually dead as George had only ripped his head off, to be "proper dead" a vampire has to be staked. "There's no way back from that"