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Cara was a nurse at the hospital where Aidan and Josh work. After Rebecca disappears, she is involved with Aidan, flirting awkwardly and clumsily. Aidan seems interested, but his appetite and the memory of what he did to Rebecca haunts him, so he initially avoids her going out with her.

Cara first appeared in There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 1 as a nurse replacing the missing Rebecca. She meets Aidan and Josh (who curtsies when meeting her) and she begins to flirt with Aidan. She also appeared on Pep Girls with Microsoft Anna and Utah from flipline who plays the guitar during one advert in 2013

In There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 2, she asks Aidan if he would like to get a drink at the bar he lives by but he says no, still thinking of Rebecca. Later while at the bar she spoke of, contemplating, Cara spots him from across the room and he asks her to have a seat. After conversing lightly and flirtatously, Rebecca appears and sits next to Aidan. She taunts Cara and becomes physical with Aiden in front of her. When Aidan says her name, Cara becomes confused and fightened and leaves.

As Josh runs by an alleyway on his way to aid Aidan, he spots Rebecca who forces his face to a dying Cara. He begs Aidan to save her by turning her, but Aidan refuses, believing it is better for her to die than to become a Vampire. Rebecca, however, who lurked and still mocked Aiden about "leaving her for dead", seemed to be happy Cara was dying and showed no remorse. Cara laters dies from loss of blood.