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"He's your murdering fugitive, if you want to keep him, you have to look after him."
George Sands

Carl is a vampire friend of Mitchell's, who is introduced in Episode 2 of Series 2. Carl is openly gay and lives with his partner Dan, and Mitchell is believed to have lived with him at one stage. Carl was mostly in control of his blood lust, until he accidentally bit Dan. He let him die rather than turn him into a vampire.

From a flashback in Episode 2, we learn that on the turn of the year 2000, Carl helped Mitchell go without blood and try to control his blood lust. For this reason, Mitchell, along with Ivan and George, helps Carl escape onto a container ship to Brazil, after he accidentally kills Dan and they can no longer bribe the coroner.

According to an email written by Mr. Rook, Carl is now once more living a life without blood in Brazil. He is currently in a relationship with a werewolf, and they are planning to move back to the UK.

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