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Carlo was the former leader of the vampire legion in Boston. He made James Bishop a vampire in 1472.


The details of his life are unknown at this time but he was James Bishop's maker who was his right hand man running the Boston Sect of vampires headquartered in the Sapp & Sons funeral home he owned and ran. His rule was rather liberal in regards that he knew and permitted to continue Bishop's romance with a human nurse named Jane. In 1955 during their 50 year periodic checks a group of four ancient vampires lead by Heggeman they visited the Boston Sect. They violently disapproved of his rule permitting such blasphemous relations with humans and he was killed by them. Bishop was made successor to the Boston Sect. (Dog Eat Dog)


  • He is the Syfy counterpart to Hetty. This makes him the only character to have an opposite gender counterpart on the other version of the show.