Neighbour Carol
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation keen gardener
Television Portrayal
First appearance Tully

Carol is a neighbor of Mitchell, George and Annie. She is invited to their house by Mitchell, as Mitchell wants to live a normal human life - which includes contact to the neighbours. Carol lives in house number 12, is a keen gardener, a former Miss Isle of Wight and likes to work with children. She wants to lend Mitchell Casablanca, since Mitchell has knocked over a chair in that movie.

Carol is also one of the neighbors who are accusing Mitchell, to be pedophile, after Mitchell has accidently given Lauren's vampire porn DVD to Bernie. She is throwing rotten tomatos at their house, together with other neighbors. Since Carol is a gardener, she might be one of the neighbors who later give selfmade jam to Annie, Mitchell and George as an apology for calling them pedophile.

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