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The Panic Womb

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Oh Don't You Die For Me


Mylène Dinh-Robic


Caroline is Andrew's wife, and mother of their daughter, April.

Early Life[]

Caroline and her husband, Andrew had been trying to have a child for 5 years before going out on a camping trip for Andrew's birthday, where they and many others were attacked by a werewolf.

Season 4[]

We first see Caroline sitting on a bench in a park while Josh is out on a jog, and he immediately recognizes she is a werewolf, and pregnant. She and Josh converse about how she and her husband Andrew, had been trying to have a child for five years before they were both scratched by a werewolf on a camping trip. She tells Josh that it was 3 months ago that she became pregnant, yet it looks like she's at least 10 months. She and Andrew later show up at the hospital for an ultrasound to find the gender of their baby. Nora begins the ultrasound, but Andrew is upset that neither Nora or Josh seem to know what they're doing. The baby gets upset, which makes Caroline deeply uncomfortable, and continues to make Andrew extremely angry. He unplugs the monitor, and tells Josh and Nora that they need to stop, to Which Josh grabs Andrew. They are about to get in a fight when Andrew picks up Caroline and takes her out of the hospital. Andrew and Caroline show up at the house to tell Nora & Josh that Caroline's water broke, and they couldn't think of anywhere else to go. Nora brings Caroline up into the bedroom, where she later brings birth to a purebred wolf daughter, April. + A few weeks after April's birth, Josh and Nora decide to throw Caroline a baby shower at the house, which even 2 weeks later they still don't have ready. When the party guests show up, Josh and Nora do not except all the extra people along. Emily, Josh's sister also attends the party, and comments on how cute April is, and asks if she's a wolf too. Which makes everyone uncomfortable.