The Dutch are a clan of Elder Vampires originating from The Netherlands who migrated from Holland to Pennsylvania and live amongst the Amish people. The Dutch Elders are traditional Vampires who shun sunlight and make use of human familiars. They hibernate for fifty year periods after which they emerge from hibernation to travel their territories and enforce their law. The Dutch are led by a 1,010 year old Vampire named Heggeman and their law is enforced by a vicious Orthodox Vampire named Soltice.

On their previous visit to Boston, The Dutch learned of James Bishop's relationship with a human woman named Jane. The Dutch considered this relationship to be a blasphemy under their law and as a penalty they destroyed Bishop's maker Carlo. Heggeman showed sympathy to Bishop and offered him a chance to redeem himself by killing Jane and taking over the Boston Coven. Bishop initially relented but eventually gave in to their demands by strangling Jane and taking command of the Boston territory.

Known DutchEdit

  • Soltice - Heggeman's right hand man who inforces the law, slain by Bishop.
  • Atlee - Heggeman's personal assistant, succumbs to the plague.

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