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Cecilia was a cop in the Boston Police Department who Suren chose to be the new vampire liaison in the police.


Season 2[]

Aidan is first tasked with changing her, but when he does not, Suren does instead. When Nora and the twins kill Will, Josh turns to Cecilia to eliminate the case from the police department's radar in exchange for the twins. When she follows through with her side of the deal, Josh gives her Heggeman's rifle and the twins' address. However, they overpower her and use her as bait to lure in Aidan for a "McLean family vampire hunt" on the night of the full moon. Aidan finds her, but she is too weak and she tells Aidan to leave her behind. Aidan reluctantly respects her request, a

Cecilia after being tortured

nd she is torn apart by the four werewolves as he escapes.