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CenSSA (The Centre for the Study of Supernatural Activity) was the underground religious organisation founded by Kemp and later co-founded by Professor Jaggat.

The headquarters of CenSSA tale place in an old abandoned bank, which is known to contain 5 floors, which hold a surveillance room, a pressure chamber, a chapel, two offices, several bunk rooms and a large reception area. CenSSA was committed to either destroying or converting all the supernaturals that they believed threatened moral human society and they split these supernaturals into three groups, Type 1 being vampires, Type 2 being ghosts and finally Type 3 being werewolves. They have a different classification system as the Department of Domestic Defence, which describes ghosts as Type 1 and vampires as Type 2. CenSSA Headquarters was left abandoned after all of Kemp and Professor Jaggat's followers were killed by a frenzied Mitchell and it is only assumed that CenSSA itself stopped its mission after Professor Jaggat's death.


The pressure chamber used to stop werewolf transformations.

John mitchell

Wanted Paiting of Mitchell - by the CenSSA

The CenSSA even has an official website. There you can find more informations about the ghosts, werewolfs etc. the CenSSA has been investigating. The missing videos from the CenSSA website you will find on DVD 1 of the second series. It's a hidden menu, which you can access when stay on the DVD 1 menu screen for a few minutes. After some time the CenSSA Enter button appears. You need to press Okay. Then you will find a new menu screen with the videos that were posted on the CenSSA website.

Known Members

Known Killings by the CenSSA Organisation and Kemp:

1. Werewolves 2. Vampires 3. Humans
  • maybe more
  • lots of other vampires

They CenSSA also has a youtube channel, with several videos. The promotion video can be seen here: