"CenSSA Broadcast 010 - The Testing Must Go On"
CenSSA Broadcast10

Broadcast date 1 Feburary 2010
Cast Lloyd PinkieMark Fleischmann
Episode chronology
"CenSSA Broadcast 009 - Setting the Bait"
"CenSSA Broadcast 011 - Jaggat & Kemp"

CenSSA Broadcast 010 - The Testing Must Go On is a short video about Lloyd Pinkie and the CenSSA organisation that was shown during the second series, after the fourth episode. The video is also available as an extra on the DVD of the second series, it is shown as The Story of CenSSA.

Plot Edit

Lloyd Pinkie is angry at Patrick Kemp and doesn't like his methods. However he doesn't want to give his work up "just because a few werewolves have died". According to Lloyd progress has a price.

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