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"CenSSA Broadcast 014 - The Final Broadcast"
CenSSA Broadcast 014 - The Final Broadcast

Broadcast date 5 March 2010
Cast Lloyd PinkieMark Fleischmann
Episode chronology
"CenSSA Broadcast 013 - The Bomb"
"CenSSA Broadcast 013 - The Bomb"

CenSSA Broadcast 014 - The Final Broadcast is a short video about Lloyd Pinkie and the CenSSA organisation that was shown after the the final episode of series two. The video is also available as an extra on the DVD of the second series, it is shown as The Story of CenSSA.


Lloyd Pinkie has filmed a prerecoded message, saying that if the viewers would see this he might be dead. He says that it was wrong that they thought they could study the supernatural and dominate it and that the supernatural did something else. Lloyd also mentions that he lied about Richard Galvin, who was the fourth werewolf he had killed.