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The following people are working in the CenSSA main quarter: Kemp, Lucy Jaggat, Daniel, Lloyd Pinkie and Hennessey. It is the main quarter of the CenSSA organisation. It is where they make their werewolf experiments in which four werewolves die: Amy McBride, Craig Ford, Lee Tully and Richard Galvin.

They die in the decompression Chamber. Kemp, Lucy and Lloyd are working in the control room to suppress the change into a werewolf. They intended to pressurised the room in such a way that it negates the tidal force of the moon, thereby suppressing the werewolf, which indeed it does. But by suppressing the werewolf, it also means that the person has a massive complete internal haemorrhage. The bones all start to shift, but the rest of the werewolf isn't. This in turn kills the werewolf.

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